One of the best deep linen closet organization ideas is to organize by type of item. To achieve this, use bins, over-the-door organizers, and shelf dividers. Labeling can also help. And the best part is, they’re easy to use! You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to find and put away your linens.


One of the best ways to organize your deep linen closet is to use bins. These are a great way to organize smaller items and give the room a cleaner look. They also make it easy to move or reorganize things. In addition, bins make it easier to see which items are closest to each other. When you’re using bins, try to place the most frequently used items in the front so that they are easily accessible.

For instance, if you use fitted sheets, fold them with the corners of the mattress as ends. This will create a rectangle that is easier to fold. Another way to reorganize your deep linen closet is to buy plastic baskets at the Dollar Store. Not only are these containers affordable, but they can also be moved to another room for easy access to items. You can use them to organize kitchen or bathroom items.

You can also purchase shelves with wire dividers to divide the closet into individual compartments. These can hold different sized sheets and towels. Other storage ideas include using wire baskets that can be hung from the back of the linen closet door. These baskets can be filled with small accessories and linens. Water hyacinth bins are also great for hand towels and larger linens. These containers can be labeled with their contents so that you can easily find them.

In addition to bins, you should also use a vertical divider to separate fitted and top sheets from pillowcases. This will help you keep the shelving clean.

Over-the-door organizers

If you have limited space in your closet, over-the-door linen closet organizers are a great way to make the most of the space behind the door. These storage systems often feature five rigid pockets with clear windows, and you can install them without using any tools. In addition, you can easily move them to another room if necessary. You can also decorate them with a few decorative touches, like wallpaper.

In addition to clothing, you can also use your linen closet for personal items, like toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and other cleaning supplies. You can organize these items by keeping a running list of what you need. It may also help to keep a small dry erase board or notepad on the inside of the door.

Adding baskets to your linen closet is another way to maximize space. Baskets can be easily moved from one shelf to the next, and they can also be used for towels and rags. To keep similar items together, place similar items in the same basket. This will help you to find the items you need quickly.

If you want to keep smaller accessories separate, wire shelf dividers are a great choice. These products can easily be hung from the back of your linen closet door using command hooks. You can then fill them with towels, hand towels, or other small items. Alternatively, you can use water-hyacinth bins to organize larger linens. These bins are easy to label and are great for keeping your accessories organized.

Shelf dividers

One of the best ways to organize your deep linen closet is to use shelf dividers to section off the various areas of the closet. This will help you find things quickly and also keep your closet looking organized. You can also use pull-out drawers or high-sided bins. These can keep your linens from falling over. To keep things from becoming too cluttered, use matching baskets to store items in.

Shelf dividers can help you organize your deep linen closet without compromising space. You can purchase inexpensive shelf dividers from stores such as Ikea. They can cost as little as $11 each and are easy to install. They slide over shelves and have a clamp on the bottom to hold them in place.

These can also help you organize larger linens. You can use them to separate hand towels, washcloths, blankets, pillowcases, and other folded items. Some shelf dividers come in color-coded sections so you can easily identify which item is which. They can even be labeled according to person or room.

Acrylic shelf dividers are a great way to organize your closet and keep your linens organized. These dividers keep your clothes from falling off the shelves and are perfect for top of the closet as well. They are also easy to install and can be adjusted as needed.


One of the best ways to organize your deep linen closet is to use storage bins and labels to sort different items. This will make it easier to find certain items and make the closet look cleaner. Also, it’ll make it easier to rearrange and move things around. Also, remember to put the items that you use the most in the front so they are more easily accessible.

Before you organize your deep linen closet, you should first measure the space available. If possible, remove any non-essential items and then take inventory of what you have left. Measure the width, height, and depth of your closet and make sure you have enough space to accommodate all of the items. Whether you have a small closet or a large closet, every inch matters when it comes to linen closet organization.

Another great deep linen closet organization idea is to use shelves. This will help you organize your closet without using up more space. You can also use baskets and bins to organize your linens. You can also consider repurposing office items for extra storage. Another way to organize your closet is to use labels. Labels can make your closet feel more organized and fresh. Make sure that you label each drawer and shelf. You can even make use of space-saving bags for the deeper part of your closet.

You can use labels to keep track of your linens. Using a label maker is another great way to label the shelves. The labels will make it easy to find what you need, and make your life easier. Another great way to organize your deep linen closet is by decluttering it.

Color coding

Color coding is a great way to organize your linen closet. You can organize each shelf by color, or you can label each item by room or person. Using clear plastic bins will help you see what is inside. This way, you can easily find what you need. It will also save you time and effort.

Color coding helps your linen closet stay organized because similar items will be stored near each other. This can save you money on organizing tools. For instance, you can keep a pillowcase bundle together instead of buying new ones. This will make it easier to stack them. Another great idea is to store your sheet sets in pillowcases. These will keep them together and make them easy to find.

You can also make your closet more appealing by changing the shelves. You can choose colors and patterns that will make your closet look more organized and fresh. If you’re using shelf liner paper, change it with brighter material. This will make your linen closet feel more organized and clean. You can also paint your shelves to make them pop.

One of the most important housekeeping secrets is keeping your linen closet organized. While it may seem simple, many people find it challenging. After all, linen closets are often a catch-all for a variety of items. It is easy to shove things in without much thought and forget to organize them properly, which leads to frustration.

Creating a storage “zone”

When organizing a deep linen closet, creating zones is an effective way to keep your items organized. Keep your most-used linens near the entrance, and store less-frequently used linens on higher shelves. Similarly, store off-season clothes in the lower or upper sections of the closet. It helps to label each zone to make it easier to find the items you need.

Before organizing your linen closet, make sure you take inventory of all the items you plan to store. You don’t want to overstuff the space! You should also get rid of any old items, such as towels and sheet sets. Next, group like items together. For example, you can organize sheet sets by bed size. You should also label each shelf for that category. Also, you can roll up your towels to make them easier to grab. Using a towel bar can also help you keep extra towels organized.

The next step is to designate a storage zone for each category. This will make it easier for you to find what you need and will help you keep track of what is about to run out. When you are storing food items, it’s also important to create zones. This way, you won’t waste your food by putting food items in one zone and not in another.