Numerology is something that brings about a great deal of debate in many circles. Certain members of the general public believe that there is significance in numerology numbers and that they have significant meaning. Others claim that this is a pseudo science and that it has no scientific basis. Regardless of your personal beliefs, it is an interesting subject to look at the meanings of the different numerology numbers and how those numbers correspond to personality traits and personal relationships. For anyone who is interested in learning more, each number in numerology is typically associated with a distinct set of personality traits. By analyzing someone’s numerology numbers it is often possible to make a determination based from that information regarding the perceived success or failure of personal relationships. It is thought that by combining relationships who have complementary personality traits based from their numerology numbers, that these relationships have a tendency to flourish. Conversely, when two individuals are in a relationship and have distinctly different numbers that clash, it is often thought that these relationships have little chance of success.


History of numerology

Numerology has been around for ages. It is a subject that has been practiced by certain individuals for hundreds of years and it is still practiced to a certain extent today. While many people do not recognize it for an exact science any longer, it was at one time considered to be a scientific subject. While the history of numerology has changed a great deal over the years, the practice of it has remained relatively unchanged.

Cultural differences

Numerology does, however, change depending upon the culture that is in question. Certain cultures place more importance on numerology than do others. For the cultures that place a great deal of importance on the subject, it is important to know how numerology affects them in their daily lives. In addition, people can use information about their own personal numbers and how those numbers can help them achieve their goals and dreams throughout their lives. Still other cultures view it as something that is only used for fun that has no real basis in anything that is concrete. Some cultures believe it is taboo and that it should not be practiced at all.

What are the numbers in numerology and what do they mean?

Typically, the numbers in numerology that are analyzed the most are the numbers one through nine. Make no mistake, numerology is not exclusive to single digit numbers. More will be discussed about that in the next paragraph. Below is the list of some of the most popular interpretations of the numbers one through nine.

One- People who are associated with this number are typically strong leaders. They are also often self-assured and they are very good at working and performing job functions as an individual as opposed to working with others. Many people with the numerology number one are driven and even sometimes aggressive.

Two- This number signifies that an individual is typically successful in working with others in various types of relationships. These individuals are also typically very open to the opinions of others and to new ideas.

Three- The number three is often associated with the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of situations. People who possess this quality are also typically talented at communicating ideas to others in such a fashion that other people are open to hearing those ideas.

Four- Creative individuals often possess the number four in their numerology numbers. It is a popular number among artists of all types, including dancers, actors, musicians and painters or sculptors.

Five- This number is associated with individuals who have learned lessons from previous experiences and use those lessons effectively to help them in their future endeavors. These individuals are typically driven to do something, even in situations where most people would feel completely helpless and would be unsure of what type of action they should take. The number is also associated with a great deal of unrest. People who have this number often feel as though they are not quite satisfied with their accomplishments in life.

Six- This number is associated with people who are far more interested in taking care of their family than they are in taking care of themselves. These individuals are often more driven to create a comfortable home life than they are to create a career for themselves. However, there is a great deal of responsibility involved with these individuals. They also have a tendency to have a creative side.

Seven- The number seven is associated with someone who thinks things through clearly and who has a great deal of awareness about his or her surroundings.

Eight- The number eight is associated with the willingness to sacrifice one’s own hopes and dreams in order to create something better in the future. People who are associated with the number eight are typically in high powered positions because they are willing to give of themselves or take a risk in order to achieve their long-term goals.

Nine – This number is associated with a great deal of change in an individual’s life. People who possess this number have a tendency to skip from relationship to relationship and from one job to the next, often looking for something outside of themselves that will allow them to feel happiness.

Master numbers

Master numbers are double digit numbers that are used by many neurologists to help people better understand how the numbers are associated to their personalities. For example, someone who possesses a master number of eleven can then learn how that number affects their personality and their goals in life. This can have positive changes in their own personal relationships because they are better able to understand which other master numbers are best combined with their own in order to achieve the greatest results. It is also possible to decipher which master numbers should be avoided if at all possible.


In conclusion, many people use numerology as a tool to help them live better, clearer lives. It can often be thought of as a tool to help a person better understand his or her personality and how that personality can help or hinder others. When used in the correct way, numerology is a tool that can be effectively used to help people achieve their goals and dreams and to improve their personal relationships with other people. This is accomplished through having a better understanding of why a person possesses certain personality traits and characteristics and how those characteristics can be used to their advantage rather than to their detriment.