If you’re looking for places to go on a trip to Virginia, Warrenton may be your answer. The town is the seat of government for Fauquier County and was home to around 9,611 people at the 2010 census, up from 6,670 at the 2000 census. The population is expected to reach 10,027 by the year 2019. The town is located on U.S. Routes 15 and 17, Route 29 and Route 211.

Old Town Warrenton

The town of Old Town Warrenton is a picturesque place that’s filled with antebellum homes and stately buildings. You can also find quaint shops and restaurants in this charming town. The town is a designated Virginia Main Street, which means it’s dedicated to maintaining its historical character and economic vitality.

Warrenton is just 47 miles from Washington, D.C. and is home to four square miles of small town charm. It’s also the epicenter of Virginia’s horse country, which means the town is a mecca for organized hunts and horse shows. The town was incorporated in 1810 and served as a way station for early American settlers traveling through the countryside.

The town’s Fall Festival takes place on Saturday, September 24. During this event, local crafters and artisans sell their handiwork from tents on Main Street. In addition, community groups and service providers have booths set up to showcase their services and community efforts. A variety of foods is also served from BBQ to shaved ice. The festival is free and open to the public.

Mediterranean Cellars

If you love Mediterranean flavors and want to experience them at their finest, you should visit Mediterranean Cellars in Warrenton, Virginia. This family-owned winery is set in a beautiful countryside and specializes in producing quality aged wines. The wines are produced using the fruit grown on the property and draw inspiration from the Mediterranean region. The winery offers warm hospitality and innovative interpretations of familiar varietals.

Louizos Papadopoulos, the owner of Mediterranean Cellars, is a fourth-generation jewelry maker and winemaker from Greece. He moved to the United States in 1984 and built a successful jewelry design business in Northern Virginia before planting his first vines in Warrenton. In 2000, he retired from his jewelry business and has since devoted himself to his winery.

You’ll love the views and the atmosphere of this family-run winery. The winery is located in the beautiful countryside and produces high-quality aged wines based on the fruit grown on the property. Their welcoming hospitality and unique interpretations of familiar varietals will make you feel like you’re at home in the Mediterranean.

Located in Warrenton, Mediterranean Cellars produces 29 different bottlings. Many are aged for years before release. In fact, one bottling is aged for 11 years. The winery’s sister winery also makes kosher wines and organic wines.

Joe and Vinnnie’s Pizza

If you are looking for a local, Italian pizza restaurant, Joe & Vinnie’s Pizza in Warrenton is a good choice. This popular spot offers curbside pickup to make the ordering process even easier. They also accept credit cards and post updates on their social media accounts.

Joe & Vinnie’s Pizza offers a variety of different pizzas and side dishes. The Plain Pizza, for example, is one of the restaurant’s specialty. The dish is served with French fries and is a local favorite. Aside from pizza, Joe & Vinnie’s also offers pasta, salads, and beverages. Families are welcomed at this popular Warrenton pizzeria.

Old Jail

The Old Jail in Warrenton is a historic building that served as a jail during the Civil War. The prison cells were fourteen by fourteen feet and held about 40 prisoners. They had buckets for waste and water and had dirt floors. The prison also was a battleground during the Civil War, with soldiers from both sides of the battlefield being imprisoned there.

Today, the Old Jail serves as a museum for the Fauquier County Historical Society and offers exhibits on local history. On display are artifacts from the Civil War and Revolutionary War. Visitors will also find items from local early industry and the life of Colonel John S. Mosby. The Old Jail is one of many Warrenton attractions that visitors can enjoy.

The Old Jail is haunted by ghosts. The most well-known ghost is Josie, but there are also other ghosts present. The museum has been visited by mediums who have sensed spirits there. Local paranormal investigation group Culpeper Paranormal Investigations has also helped identify and document ghosts. Other haunted places in the area include the Kemper House in Madison.

The Old Jail in Warrenton will also host a Civil War Walking Tour. The tour takes visitors through various sites associated with Colonel Mosby. It starts at the jail and continues throughout the town.

Lake Pocahontas

Lake Pocahontas is a beautiful lake that offers a unique experience for visitors to Warrenton, Virginia. It is a popular place for people to visit and is located about an hour outside of Washington, DC. Visitors can find the Old Jail, the Fauquier History Museum, and Cafe Torino and Bakery in this small town. These attractions offer a great combination of local history and delicious food. It is best to call ahead and confirm the hours of each of these places before visiting.

The area is also home to one of the state’s largest state parks, Pocahontas State Park. The park contains more than sixty-four miles of hiking trails, three lakes, two outdoor pools, two dining halls, and numerous other attractions. Visitors can even go fishing, canoeing, and enjoy some nature shows and concerts.

Lake Fauquier

If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful place to visit in Warrenton, then Lake Fauquier is a great place to go. This lake is a popular tourist destination that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It has many things to do, including a boat ride, fishing, and camping. Visitors can also take in some history at this location. The first jail in Warrenton was built in 1808, and operated until it was closed fifteen years later due to a lawsuit filed against the Commonwealth of Virginia. The original jail was a four-cell jail that saw many people die or contract disease.

If you’re interested in birds, this is a great place to go bird watching. You can see a variety of species in the area, including the common house sparrow (Vesper), the lesser yellow-bellied robin, and the American Kestrel. You can also see a variety of other species, such as the Bobolink, Blue Grosbeak, and White-crowned Sparrow.

If you enjoy wine, there are hundreds of vineyards in the area. You can also tour restaurants and taste local wines while you’re here. The town also has a relaxed atmosphere, which makes it a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of a larger city. There are plenty of parks in the area, as well as many hiking trails.