While traveling in Barto, Pennsylvania, you can find many great places to visit. The town is located in the northeast part of Pennsylvania and is home to several historical sites. You can also check out a list of nearby towns to explore. The list will include cities within 100 miles of Barto.

Calandra family hosts

If you’re looking for something to do in Barto, Pennsylvania, you’ve come to the right place. Just west of East Greenville and over the Berks County line, Barto is a quaint town surrounded by farm fields, country roads, and Pennsylvania Dutch barns. The town is mostly Protestant, but it is home to the National Centre for Padre Pio, which recently relocated to a newly renovated barn.

Calandra family educates

The Calandra family is a long-time advocate of Padre Pio and has been hosting tens of thousands of devotees each year. They educate and host pilgrimages to San Giovanni and travel the world sharing the message of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.

In the mid-20th century, Padre Pio was little known to most Catholics in the United States. However, his intercession for Vera Marie Calandra made him a household name. Today, he is considered one of the world’s most beloved modern saints. His intercession has been the cause of many alleged miracles. In a recent report, EWTN News In Depth reporter Mark Irons spoke with several people who had been touched by Padre Pio’s intercession. Irons also spoke with a woman who received extraordinary healing from Padre Pio. The healing prompted the creation of the National Centre for Padre Pio in Barto, Pennsylvania.

The Calandra family owns and operates five different businesses in the area. The first business was Calandra’s Bakery in Newark, and over the years, they have expanded into Cucina Calandra, il Vecchio Cafe, Mediterranean Grill, and Italian Village. In addition to the restaurants, they have also opened two hotels, the Best Western Plus in Belleville and the Meadowlands Hampton Inn. They also have several apartment complexes in Belleville.

The Calandra family was dedicated to spreading the word about Padre Pio. Vera Calandra was introduced to Padre Pio after reading a book about him. Vera Calandra traveled to San Giovanni Rotondo in 1968 to meet the saint, and she brought her two small children with her. After receiving a blessing from Padre Pio, Vera Calandra was cured of a serious illness. Later, she devoted her life to spreading the word about Padre Pio’s mission. The Calandra family established a museum and shrine in Barto, Pa.

Calandra family ministers

The Calandra family ministers are among the most popular places to visit in Barto. Their home is a popular destination for tourists, and they have founded a national center to promote Padre Pio. Each year, they host tens of thousands of pilgrims who make the journey to San Giovanni. They also travel around the world to spread the message of Padre Pio.

After a horrific car accident in 1983, the Calandra family embraced Padre Pio’s cause. The Calandra family prayed for the young Paul Walsh, who had received potentially fatal injuries in the accident. They presented Paul’s mother with a holy card from Padre Pio, and told her to pray for her son.

Padre Pio, a famous doctor, was the one who healed Calandra. After the accident, doctors found that a rudimentary bladder had grown in her abdomen, so she was cured. After recovering from the accident, the Friars of San Giovanni Rotondo allowed her to spread the name of Padre Pio in Pennsylvania. She started hosting Holy Hours in her Church, and they soon drew 200 people every month.