“The Home Edit” is a hit TV show and the social media pages for the show have millions of followers and likes. However, the creator of the show, Joanna Gaines, keeps her personal social media pages private. There’s one post on her page and just a few hundred followers. This makes it difficult to follow her and learn about her life.

Organizing by the rainbow

One of the most popular trends in home organizing right now is organizing by the rainbow. This method focuses on categorizing things based on color, with similar items grouped together in categories. The method has received some backlash, mostly related to the way people organize bookshelves. However, it is a simple way to make your home look more organized and colorful.

If you are not a fan of color schemes, consider organizing your home according to the colors of the rainbow. While you can always go alphabetically, a color-based system will give you a logical place to place all your items. The colors of the rainbow are beautiful and go together.

Organizing by the rainbow has become a popular trend, particularly on social media. In fact, you can even hire a professional organizer to come to your home and help you organize. You can choose from a number of services, ranging from $595 for a virtual DIY consultation to as much as $2,500 for an in-home consultation.

Another way to organize by the rainbow is to create separate bins or baskets for each color. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for. Additionally, it makes it easier for students to find items if they are grouped by color. A color-coded system will also make it easier to identify overstocked items.

Clea Shearer’s husband is a professional photographer

Clea Shearer’s husband, John Shearer, is a professional photographer who specializes in advertising campaigns. He is an accomplished photographer who has worked for many celebrity clients. Clea and John married on 28 September 2008. They have two children together, Stella Blue Shearer (born March 25, 2011) and Sutton Gray Shearer (born April 18, 2014).

After studying at Parsons School of Design in New York, Clea Shearer worked for various aesthetically-minded companies, including The RealReal, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Joanna Gaines. Shearer is also the co-author of the book The Home Edit, a guide to organizing your home. Shearer and her husband live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Clea Shearer’s husband, John Shearer, is a professional photographer who has worked with celebrities for many years. He is one half of a dream organizing team. John Shearer and Clea Shearer are married with two children: Stella Blue (11 years old) and Sutton Gray (eight years old).

Clea Shearer was born in Los Angeles and was raised in Los Angeles. Her parents are business owners and philanthropists. Her mother worked with the Nathan Cummings Foundation. Her grandmother’s name is Ruthie. Clea Shearer has many interests and hobbies, and is a member of many professional organizations.

Clea Shearer is involved with the Cummings Foundation, which was founded in 1986. It is one of the three largest organizations in New England. Shearer and Teplin also co-wrote “The Home Edit,” which was a New York Times bestseller. The show has gained a massive following and has even gained the attention of celebrities like Gwyneth Paling and Mindy Kaling.

Clea Shearer is a well-known businesswoman in her country. She has a successful charity organization and runs a business. She maintains a healthy relationship with her family.

UC Santa Barbara

Joanna Dunn graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2001 with a degree in interior design. Although she is now based in Nashville with her two young daughters, she spent many years living and studying in California. While attending UC Santa Barbara, she took multiple courses in film.

Joanna’s personality is what draws viewers to her show. She loves to use color in organizing her home and is known for her rainbow system. She also uses all sorts of unconventional items to keep things organized. In fact, she hates using baskets. Her secret weapon is to make things as colorful as possible.

Although Joanna has worked with celebrities and big brands to help improve people’s lives, she hates flying. Her husband is a photographer, and they have three children. She also dislikes loud chewers and glitter. She has three books under the title “The Home Edit.” She and Clea are currently working on a Netflix series, “The Home Edit Life.” Joanna is the owner of a home organization company that offers a range of home organization solutions.

Joanna Teplin attended UC Santa Barbara and earned a BA in film and television. She then got her first job at Union Street Papery in San Francisco. Joanna and Jeremy were married in 2005, and she has two children: Miles Reid and Marlowe Aerin. Joanna is currently working on multiple projects, including a reality show and a TV show. She is also available for private consultations and has an active Instagram account.

Joanna Teplin founded the wildly successful “Home Edit” with Clea Shearer in 2015. They’ve organized the homes of celebrities and have a new Netflix series called “Get Organized With The Home Edit,” which will premiere on April 1st 2022.

Joanna Teplin’s fear of flying

Joanna Teplin has an extreme fear of flying. She has been known to post about her experience on her Instagram. She says she pays close attention to the turbulence app. Apparently, she was once woken up by news of a plane crash mid-flight. Even the thought of flying makes her anxious.

She began her career as a graphic designer at Union Street Papery. Later, she started her own greeting card company, but it didn’t pan out. She went on to marry her husband and moved to Los Angeles. She also started her own wedding planning business, but eventually left it to focus on her career.

After overcoming her fear of flying, Joanna Teplin decided to pursue a career in interior design. She attended UC Santa Barbara and spent some time living in San Francisco. She loves dark chocolate. Joanna Teplin has been in the industry for more than 15 years. She has also written several books on organization and decluttering.

Teplin met Shearer through a mutual friend. Teplin had recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and was hoping to start her own organizing business. Their mutual friend thought the two would work well together. After an initial meeting, Teplin agreed to lunch with Shearer. Their first meeting was successful and Teplin has a new business partner.

Clea Shearer’s passion for organization

Clea Shearer, the face and co-founder of Netflix, is well known for her passion for organizing the home. Before becoming a home organizing expert, she worked in the fashion industry. After graduating from Parsons School of Design, she has always kept her house organized.

Shearer has millions of followers on her Instagram page. Her fans follow her for tips on getting organized, and she shares her knowledge with them. Her Instagram page is full of organizing tips and videos. The channel also has humorous bits about parenting and pop culture.

Shearer and Teplin have created a social media empire by turning their passion for organization into a business. They’ve become the go-to home organization experts for many people, including celebrities. The duo’s videos are often featured on the social media pages of several A-listers.

Teplin and Shearer met through a mutual friend. Shearer had just moved to Nashville with her husband, and Teplin had recently moved from San Francisco to Nashville. Their mutual friend thought the two would be a great match for each other. The two agreed to meet and have lunch. Since then, the two became business partners.

The two have a strong bond and share a passion for organizing. Together, they’ve created a unique style of organizing that combines practicality and design savvy. With this expertise, they’ve transformed many homes, from posh celebrity homes to everyday homes.

The two co-founders of The Home Edit also have a podcast launching Oct. 11. It will feature interviews with home organization experts, as well as guests who will share their knowledge of organization. This podcast will also feature humor and a healthy dose of whimsy.