You may not think about where can I buy essential oils, but you might be surprised to find out. Aromatherapy products, with or without aromatherapy accessories, are the wave of the future in the global marketplace.


Buyers should research aromatherapy products for good quality, scent and potency. Keep your eyes open for hidden costs associated with essential oils, especially with concentrated oils. Beware of scammers who claim to sell “plant-based” oils.

Where can I buy essential oils? The best place to find them is through the internet. It’s the easiest and fastest way to find suppliers, and some sites will offer free shipping on all orders.

Before choosing a supplier, look for quality products. Buyer beware! Most of the online wholesalers offer high quality aromatherapy products at reasonable prices.

When ordering online, take a few minutes to look for the right aromatherapy products. Ordering products by phone, or visiting the store, is too much time. Most wholesalers have a list of scents they carry.

What are essential oils? Essential oils come from plants. They come in the form of concentrated oils that can be easily diluted. To order a concentrated product, read the bottle carefully.

Where can I buy essential oils directly from the plant? Some manufacturers make pure oil available in bottles, vials or spray bottles.

Another way to buy essential oils is through your favorite aromatherapy store. You can also find many pure essential oils online. Only purchase pure, concentrated oils from trusted retailers.

Can I order scented oils? Sometimes you can. Sometimes, it depends on the store.

For example, if you have a deep skin condition, you can’t buy oils for this condition from your local drugstore. You’d need to go to a supplier who specializes in aromatherapy. If you need oils for a mild skin condition, you can find them anywhere.

When ordering scented oils, remember the importance of finding the right carrier. Certain oils must be placed in carrier oils or other form of dilution.

A reliable source would be to use an independent company, like Inawera, to supply you with your essential oils. As long as the manufacturer and the carrier are accredited, you can be assured of quality products.