If you are pressed for space but don’t want to spend too much money, there are several cheap kitchen organization ideas to use. Some of these ideas include magnetic jar racks, binder clip racks, under-the-sink storage baskets, and chalkboard labels. These inexpensive kitchen storage ideas are sure to help you get more organized and keep everything in its place.

Binder clip racks

Binder clips are a great way to organize your food bags and keep them organized. The clips attach to wire racks, making it easy to reach everything. You can even use them to hang paper packets to use when baking. They can also free up shelf space. They are BPA-free and have built-in handles.

Binder clips can also help you organize other parts of the house. You can use them to tame unruly cords behind your TV stand, organize your pantry packets, and display your favorite pictures on the wall. Another great use for binder clips is to organize your frozen foods. You can also use binder clips to hang cleaning gloves in a cabinet.

Another inexpensive kitchen organization idea is to use plastic trays for silverware and cutlery. You can also hang inexpensive hanging racks to organize your pantry space. These trays make good use of vertical space in your kitchen. You can also add labels to your produce to help keep them organized.

Magnetic jar racks

Magnetic jar racks are great for organizing spices, jars, and tins. They look great, keep jars up off counters, and can save space in your cupboards. The racks come in sets of four to twelve, depending on the size of your jars and tins.

You can also use repurposed baby food jars for spices. These are magnetic and can be hung on the refrigerator door or other metal surfaces. They keep spices fresh and can be easily removed and refilled. You can also use empty spice containers to organize spices on your refrigerator door. This in-plain-sight presentation saves you from digging through cabinets every time you need to use a spice.

Besides jars, you can also use magnetic organizers. You can hang two cutting boards horizontally, and two additional racks can be installed on the front of a drawer for vertical storage. Magnetic tins are also useful for organizing small supplies. These are cheap kitchen organization ideas that can also maximize the space on your refrigerator door.

Another cheap kitchen organization idea is to install snack stations in your refrigerator and pantry. This will allow you to keep snacks ready for the kids to bring to school. In addition to using jar organizers, you can attach baby food jars to magnetic surfaces. These inexpensive magnetic jars can be purchased at online retailers such as Amazon.

Chalkboard labels

Chalkboard labels are the latest in home decor, adding a funky touch to any home. You can either make your own or purchase ready-made labels, and they work great for organizing jars, tidying up clutter, and more. And, they are inexpensive, too! You can use them to organize the kitchen or even the garage. You can even use them as a tablescape! It’s a fun, inexpensive way to organize your kitchen!

Chalkboard labels can also be used to organize your refrigerator. You can draw labels on adhesive paper, cut them out, and then use chalks to write the names of your items. Make sure you line up the letters correctly. Once you’re satisfied with the labels, you can use them again to identify new items and reuse them.

You can also use chalkboard labels for your pantry. Chalkboard labels can be used to organize your food inventory and can be purchased on Amazon. Alternatively, you can paint the labels on the containers, if you don’t want to use chalk. The paint is great if you don’t like the look of chalk, but it may not work as well for your kitchen.

Another great way to organize your kitchen is to buy fabric-wrapped boxes. You can use these for special occasion cutlery or to keep other items organized. The boxes should be filled with small items so they won’t slide out of your drawers.


Pegboards are versatile storage solutions that allow you to organize various kitchen items, including utensils, pots, and pans. You can use pegboard to organize a whole wall or just a section of a wall. They can be painted to match your kitchen design. Hanging tools and gadgets on the pegboard is an effective way to remember where you put them when you are done with them.

Pegboards are inexpensive and easy to install. In addition to storing kitchen gadgets, you can also use them to store your home’s office supplies. Pegboards are also a great way to save valuable counter space. You can use colorful accessories, such as clocks and keys, to add some flair to your pegboard.

Pegboards can also be painted to match your room’s decor. You can use painter’s tape to create painted squares on your pegboard. Use random or repeated colors to create an interesting decorative look. You can also install a wall rack to hold files and magazines.

You can buy pegboards in pre-cut shapes or make your own. Pegboards are a cheap solution to storage problems and provide an attractive aesthetic. Pegboards are available at discount prices online. Whether you’re buying a pegboard pre-cut or constructing it yourself, pegboards are an easy and cost-effective way to organize small items.

Wall-mounted holder for receipts and bills

You can install a wall-mounted holder for bills and receipts for a cheap kitchen organization idea. These will help you find important documents faster and keep your finances organized. You can also use a mini file folder with alphabetized divider tabs to sort receipts.

Another inexpensive kitchen organization idea is to purchase a hanging organizer. This organizer is made from a repurposed metal poultry feeder and is mounted on iron shelf brackets. The metal holder has magnetic strips on its top to keep its contents in place. The organizer features different sections for bills, receipts, and cards. You can also purchase mini canisters to keep small supplies handy.