Alex Snodgrass’s recipes are paleo and Whole30 inspired

Alex Snodgrass is a Dallas-based food blogger who uses clean ingredients to create tasty dishes. Her recipes have gained a massive following in less than two years. She credits word-of-mouth for her success and says that word of mouth is the main reason for her page views’ explosive growth. Her recipes are suitable for people who are eating a paleo or Whole30 diet.

Alex is a Texas native and is a big advocate of the Whole30 diet, which aims to improve gut health, energy levels, and our relationship with food. Her recipes are based on Whole30 principles. She draws inspiration for her recipes from her travels, restaurants, and books.

Her recipes follow the Paleo and Whole30 diets and include many variations of familiar dishes. Her cookbook also contains recipes for people following other diets. Some of the recipes are vegan, while others are gluten-free, dairy-free, or Whole30-compliant.

Snodgrass’s recipes also use natural ingredients. Her dressings are vegan, dairy-free, and paleo-friendly. Creamy sesame, chipotle ranch, and honey dijon are all great on burgers and noodle dishes. You can also use them to marinate fish or chicken. These versatile dressings are also great for salads and dips and don’t contain any preservatives.

Snodgrass is a food blogger and Whole30 enthusiast with a huge following. Her recipes are delicious and easy to make. She is a great choice for anyone looking for recipes that fit their lifestyle and their needs. She shares her favorite recipes on her blog. You’ll also love the videos that accompany the recipes.

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The Defined Dish is a food blog run by Alex Snodgrass. The author of more than half a million Instagram followers and a forthcoming cookbook, Snodgrass is a self-described “foodie” and lives in Dallas, Texas. Her popular Defined Dish blog debuted in 2014, offering food and fitness advice. Two years later, she turned her blog into a full-time career.

In the foreword, Whole30 founder Melissa Urban lists her favorite meals, such as curried pot roast, rack of lamb with mint chimichurri sauce, and okra fries. While the author gravitates toward health-conscious, flavorful foods, her Italian heritage is still evident. In this way, her recipes and photographs are sure to inspire the health-conscious.