Wrightsville Beach is North Carolina’s most accessible beach from Interstate 40

The town of Wrightsville Beach is a short drive from Wilmington, North Carolina. This small, village-like town is a great getaway from everyday life. Visitors can enjoy the beach’s white sand and sparkling water, and can take part in water sports such as surfing, fishing, and diving. Visitors can also enjoy a history museum and narrated harbor cruises. This small town’s easy access from Interstate 40 makes it the perfect spot for an easy day at the beach.

This town’s beaches are ideal for water sports enthusiasts and beginners alike. Its pristine waters are warm enough for beginners to surf or try stand-up paddle boarding. There are many family-friendly events throughout the year, and vacation rentals and full-service hotels are available. Wrightsville Beach is also home to famous local seafood restaurants like the famous Johnnie Mercer’s Pier.

Wrightsville Beach offers a relaxed, village-like atmosphere that is perfect for families and children. A few full-service hotels are located here, including the Blockade Runner Beach Resort. It is also home to a great kids’ camp. In fact, USA Today dubbed the Sandcampers Kids’ Club at Blockade Runner as the best kids’ camp in the country. Because Wrightsville Beach is not overcrowded with large hotels, the town has plenty of attractive vacation rentals.

It has a vibrant beach community

Wrightsville is a great destination for a vacation, with a 5.5-mile sandy beach and crystal-clear Atlantic Ocean. There are many fun activities, including surfing competitions and annual holiday flotillas. The town also has several restaurants, shops, and bars.

Wrightsville Beach is home to about 3,000 people year-round, but that number jumps to 30,000 during the summer. During the peak season, absentee owners and vacationers alike move to the area. While the town’s population is not as high as it once was, it is still an excellent choice for a beach vacation.

The beach community has a lively nightlife and several fun, local restaurants. Restaurants are located on the beach and feature fresh, local ingredients. Some local favorites include Tower 7 and The Oceanic, the only restaurant located on the Atlantic Ocean. Locals also enjoy a variety of entertainment in Wrightsville, including the Wrightsville Beach Concert Series, which runs from May to October.

Wrightsville has miles of shoreline for shelling and fishing. If you’re new to the area, head to the beach early to get the best finds. You can also try visiting nearby Masonboro Island, an undeveloped island that is accessible only by boat.

It has a museum of the bizarre

The Offbeat Exhibits are perfect for a family outing, and the museum is not only for adults. There are exhibits for kids, too, from a unicorn’s horn to a creepy skull. You can even take a picture with the unicorn!

The museum features some of the strangest items from the area. Visitors can see a life-size Freddy Monster, a two-headed calf, and other creepy artifacts. There’s also a large collection of old medical equipment and serial killer letters. Other interesting items include a chupacabra hand and unicorn horn. In addition to the strange and unusual exhibits, the museum also holds haunted house events and movies.

The Museum of the Bizarre is one of Wilmington’s tourist attractions. It’s home to everything weird and offbeat, from Civil War memorabilia to movie props. With exhibits ranging from ghost deer to Chupacabra hands, this museum is ideal for families and science enthusiasts of all ages. The museum’s interactive exhibits are sure to make for an interesting day out.

The Museum of the Bizarre is located in an old building on Water Street. The museum owner is a native collector, but has also been known to acquire works of mainstream art. Justin LaNasa, a local tattoo artist, was inspired to open the museum as he approached his wedding day.

It has a ballroom

If you’re in search of an elegant wedding venue, the beachfront resort in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, is a great option. The resort is equipped with an oceanfront ballroom and a beachfront patio, making it an ideal choice for a beachfront wedding. In addition to the beachfront location, the resort offers a full service hotel and luxury suites.

The Lumina Pavilion opened in 1905 in the southern area of Wrightsville Beach. This three-story building was known as the “Fun Spot of the South” and had an estimated 25,000 square feet of dance floor space. The pavilion was built by Hugh MacRae, who owned Wilmington’s electric utility. He built the ballroom with the intent of encouraging the public to use electricity. Because of its size, the hall was so bright, sailors would navigate their ships by it.

It has a fishing pier

Wrightsville is home to a world-class fishing pier. The city has the longest concrete fishing pier in North Carolina. The pier offers world-class fishing conditions and is open seven days a week. It offers great views of the Atlantic Ocean and is a must-visit for fishing enthusiasts.

The pier was built over the wreckage of the Confederate blockade runner Fanny and Jenny in 1939. The pier’s construction attracted area fishermen to the area. The pier still stands today and is an important landmark in the town. Residents still come here to fish.

The pier has more than 60 public parking spaces. The owner of the pier has asked that parking restrictions be relaxed. He owns three private parking lots and offers more than 60 parking spaces. He worries about overcrowding. As a result, he asked the town to let patrons park at town parking lots.

The Wrightsville Beach Pier is a great place for a morning or afternoon outing. It has beautiful views and excellent fishing. It’s a great spot for younger children, and the waves are not too big. You can also enjoy the pier from the beach. The pier is only about a quarter mile away from Wrightsville Beach Park.

It has a museum of historic homes

If you’re traveling to Wrightsville, North Carolina, there are several things to see and do. In addition to a history museum, the town has a rich history. One of the earliest homes in the area was built in 1924, and the Bordeaux Cottage was moved there in January 2018. It was built to be a summer cottage, and was one of six that survived the Great Fire of 1934. This house is now part of the town’s museum.

The Wrightsville Beach Museum is located on the northern edge of the town’s beach. Located just a short walk from Wrightsville Beach State Park, the museum is a well-maintained house that dates back to the 1800s. The museum features rotating exhibits and permanent exhibits about the town’s history. Visitors can learn about the bridges in the town, as well as the different historic homes in the area.

The Wrightsville Beach Museum of History is a small but very interesting museum that focuses on the town’s history. Located in the historic Meyers Cottage, it is designed to capture the feel of a summer cottage, with a rocking chair in the front porch.