There are several ways to organize small bedrooms, including adding storage boxes to shelves. Another idea is to use fabric cubes with compartments to increase room storage. You can also use a wall-mounted accessory organizer, which will also add an elegant design feature to the room. Or, consider a rustic jewelry organizer, which is both functional and stylish.

Stackable shelves

Stackable shelves are a great way to utilize space in a small bedroom. They are easy to install and can help you maximize unused space. For example, you can place shorter shelves under a window to display knick-knacks and books. You can also use taller storage cubes to fill in narrow spaces between furniture. These shelves are often made of modular parts that can be stacked together.

Floating shelves are another great way to maximize space. They can save wall space while giving you more space to store clothes and accessories. Plus, they double as end seats. You can even use them to store linens and other miscellaneous items. And if you want to avoid building shelves, you can even create floating shelves along the wall.

Another great way to utilize space in a small bedroom is to install a combination of cabinets and shelves. These storage units provide you with a mix of storage boxes and drawers to keep your things in order. These units are ideal for storing clothes and accessories. If you have a small bedroom, you can also install an under-eave storage unit to save even more space.

Small bedrooms are often used as homework or work spaces, which means that they accumulate a great deal of clutter. To keep this clutter to a minimum, choose storage solutions that are easy to use. You can also consider keeping different types of makeup and grooming supplies in separate dishes.

Crown molding as a shoe rack

Crown molding is an excellent shoe storage solution for small bedrooms. Install a bracket on the top of the molding and it can become a shoe rack in an instant. This storage solution is perfect for small bedrooms because it is both attractive and functional. Moreover, crown molding is available at most hardware stores and online stores, and you can paint it to match your personal style.

Another option is to attach crown molding to the wall. You can purchase removable strips from Command Brand, which have “teeth” that hold up to 16 pounds. These strips can accommodate three pairs of heels. In addition to crown molding, you can also install floating wall-mounted shelves.

If crown molding is not an option, consider using case molding to hang your shoes. Before installing this type of rack, you should test it first to make sure that the heels will stay in place. You can also convert wooden crates into shoe storage bins. Give them a handle to make them easier to remove. A more affordable option than crown molding is furring strips. Alternatively, you can use a drop cloth to make shoe pockets.

If you’re looking for a more traditional design, a wooden shoe rack is a great choice. This type of rack is very attractive and will blend well with your existing decor. Besides being functional, this style allows you to use it anywhere.

Adding a shelf above the door

One of the biggest challenges in a small bedroom is the lack of closet space. To solve this problem, you can add a shelving unit with a drawer system or expand the wall closet to make the space more useful. A clothing rack can also be a useful solution for small closets. Instead of storing everything on the floor, use a narrow storage shelf above the door and attach wall hooks. You can also use this space to showcase your hat collection.

Another storage solution for a small bedroom is a storage bed. Some storage beds feature drawers the size of a dresser, making them a great solution for those who are limited in space. This kind of bed is also upholstered, which is great for a small bedroom.

Another space-saving option for a small bedroom is a bedside caddy. This handy storage solution can hold your essential items. It also clips onto the bed frame to save floor space and make it easier to reach items you want to keep close at hand. This solution is particularly useful in a dorm room, where floor space is at a premium.

Another way to make a small bedroom appear more spacious is to install a headboard. A headboard with a shelf is a great option if there is no room for a bookcase. These pieces are inexpensive and easy to install. They can hold everything from glasses to phones. Some picture ledges can also be mounted beside the bed and take up very little space.

Adding a storage bench

Adding a storage bench to your bedroom offers multiple storage options. You can put it at the foot of the bed so it serves as hidden storage, as well as a place to put clothes. You can also move the dresser to the foot of the bed, which will provide additional storage space and serve as a nightstand.

Small bedrooms can be stressful to organize, and finding storage solutions can be difficult. Thankfully, there are some clever storage ideas that won’t cramp your style. An open-faced basket can slide into a bed frame, and a storage bench can offer extra storage space without taking up valuable floor space.

A storage bench can also provide additional seating. This modern storage bench features a seat with curved arms and an interior storage compartment with a lift-top lid. Its sturdy wood frame is complemented by the white fabric covering the seat. It requires minor assembly and comes with a safety hinge at the top.

If you have the space, you can make a storage bench out of an old headboard. This will give you a nice backing for the bench and give it a unique look. A DIY tutorial can be found at My Repurposed Life. Another DIY project to create a storage bench is available at Her Tool Belt. This bench was originally designed to hold children’s backpacks. It has four compartments for storing backpacks.

Adding a clothing rack

Adding a clothing rack to a small bedroom can help you save space while storing more items. You can also use the rack as a place to store accessories. If you’re creative, you can use the space under the rack to store even more things. You can also add a fabric door organizer that will provide extra storage space for lighter items such as notepads, makeup, and books.

Another great use for a clothing rack is as a headboard for your bedroom. This can make it easier to access your wardrobe whenever you need it. You can also use a rod and shelf unit to store clothes that need to be hung, such as sweaters and knits. The rack can also be dressed up to serve as a headboard, if you want to create a more decorative look.

Another great way to add more storage to a small bedroom is to install a wall-mounted shallow wardrobe. Installing one along a wall will create a cozy feel and add much-needed storage. However, a wall-mounted shallow wardrobe may feel too bulky, so it’s important to select a light-colored unit to avoid a claustrophobic feeling.

If you can’t find enough space for a clothing rack, consider using a wicker basket for extra storage. It can hold extra pillows and blankets, and it can also serve as a place for dirty laundry. If space is an issue, you can also add a shelf above your door for storing shoes and other items.