Ashford is a small town in Kent, England. It lies on the Great Stour on the southern edge of the North Downs and is 61 miles southeast of central London. Its population was 74,204 in the 2011 census. It is home to several notable attractions including the Curious Brewery and the Cannibal Hot Tub.

Cannibal Hot Tub

Cannibal Hot Tub is a unique place to experience in Ashford, Washington. It is a massive hot tub made from a kettle imported from Ukraine. It is heated over a wood fire and features huge rocks for you to sit on. This place is reservation only and is one of the best things to do in Ashford.

It is not a true hot spring, but it is heated by fire. It is located at Paradise Village Hotel and is three or four years old. It was built by the new owners in 2016-17 and features an arch overhang with lights. You can reserve this hot tub for $25 an hour. You must make reservations at least two hours in advance. While you are there, you might want to eat at the hotel’s restaurant. It is open daily, but reservations are required.

The hotel has 12 rooms, including an in-house restaurant. The hotel also offers fresh honey from its own hives. The hotel also has a 5,000-pound cast-iron hot tub that is open for reservations. You can soak in the hot tub for one, two or three hours.

Port Lympne Reserve

If you are looking for some fun activities for the whole family, visit the Port Lympne Reserve. This park is Kent’s largest wild animal park, with over 700 animals from over 90 species roaming free. The park’s safari tours are an excellent way to experience these animals up close. There are also fun animal talks to take in while you’re at the park.

The park is accessible for people with disabilities. There’s a ramped footbridge, disabled toilets in various locations, and wheelchair-accessible trucks for the safari. Wheelchairs are free to use, and you can also rent them if needed. However, you must book in advance to ensure you get one for your stay. You are not allowed to bring guide dogs or use British Sign Language.

Port Lympne has 14 types of accommodation. From glamping in a wooden pod to a luxury lodge, you can find a place that fits your needs. The lodges at the park are luxurious and feature views of the animals.

Curious Brewery

Ashford is home to the state of the art Ashford Brewery. This modern brewery features a patio and taproom for customers to enjoy great food and drink. The brewery’s own restaurant also offers an excellent dining experience. Whether you enjoy craft beer or simply a delicious meal, this is the place to visit in Ashford.

The brewery has 21 fermentation tanks that can produce up to 170,000 pints of beer at a time. The brewery also brews smaller batches for optimum taste and freshness. Because the tanks are located outside the building, they are able to keep the beer at an optimal temperature and free up space for the brewery’s visitor facilities. The brewery’s visual presence is impressive and it sits in the heart of Ashford, signalling a growing profile.

Curious Brewery is another great place to visit in Ashford. It has a tap room, restaurant and shop. The property includes a landscaped garden where guests can see the raw ingredients used to make the beer. The building itself was designed by Guy Hollaway Architects, and is a modern shed-like structure that houses the complex technical fit-out. It also houses visitor facilities and a 100-seat restaurant.

Ashford Green Corridor

There are many places to visit in the Ashford Green Corridor in Ashford, England. The area includes parks, recreation grounds, and other green spaces. It runs along the river and is classified as a Local Nature Reserve. If you’re looking for something a little different and not too crowded, you may want to consider a picnic or a barbecue in one of the parks and green spaces.

The Ashford Green Corridor has over 117 acres of green space. It includes recreation grounds, parks, lakes, and ponds. It also includes a network of cycling paths. It’s a great place for a scenic walk or cycle. It also offers a great environment for birdwatching.

The town centre is also a great place to shop. The town’s central area features the Ashford Designer Outlet, which is home to over 90 international brands. It also offers a wide variety of food options and restaurants. The town centre’s County Square has over six million visitors a year. It also houses several popular stores, such as Metro Bank and Next.

The Rivers of Ashford are surprising for their urban surroundings, with many species of birds and plants flourishing here. Bowen’s Field Pond, located close to the river, is a natural habitat for amphibians and other creatures. The nearby Singleton Lake is home to several species of wetland birds. Invertebrates live in the dead wood of the alder trees.

Swan & Dog pubs

The Swan & Dog is located in a conservation area in the village of Great Chart, close to the busy town of Ashford. This Grade II listed building is a traditional pub that focuses on serving quality food and using local produce. Open from 12 noon to 5pm, the pub serves an extensive lunch menu that includes a variety of sandwiches.

The Swan & Dog has been awarded a five-star Food Hygiene Rating from Ashford Borough Council and has also qualified for the Scores on the Doors Elite Award. To receive this award, a pub needs to get three consecutive top-five rankings. Once a pub has achieved this level, it will receive a bespoke certificate, window sticker, and web graphics. The Swan & Dog is also compliant with the Safer Food Better Business App. The Swan & Dog is dedicated to keeping customers safe and happy.

Another traditional pub, the Bell pub is another Ashford landmark that offers great food and welcomes dogs. Located just two minutes’ walk from the town centre, it is a popular stop for dog owners. The pub also provides doggy water bowls and treats. The pub’s dog-friendly policy means that dogs are allowed in the pub’s bar area and spacious outdoor space. In addition to food, the pub offers a good selection of wine and spirits. The pub also serves house-made coffee.

Port Rainier National Park

Ashford, Washington, is a small town situated in the forested foothills of Mount Rainier. It has several charming restaurants and hotels and offers cozy cabins for rent. You can also enjoy seasonal activities such as gondola rides and skiing.

The area was once inhabited by Native American tribes. Today, this area is a popular tourist destination. The park is known for its abundant wildlife, lush forests, and scenic lakes. The Mount Rainier area also contains an active stratovolcano.

Mount Rainier is one of the most popular destinations in Washington state. It’s the fifth highest peak in the United States and the 21st highest in the world. It dominates the landscape around the Seattle metropolitan area and can be seen all the way from Canada. It has erupted several times in the past, producing destructive lahars.

Port Rainier National Park is home to the tallest mountain in the Pacific Northwest. At 14,410 feet, Mt. Rainier towers over the park’s highest road.

Ashford studios

Ashford is a town in the county of Kent, England. It is located on the River Great Stour, near the southern edge of the North Downs. It is situated about 61 miles southeast of central London and 15.3 miles northwest of Folkestone. The town had a population of 74,204 in the 2011 census.

Despite its small size, Ashford is home to numerous places of interest. There are several museums, art galleries, and historical sights in the city. There are also numerous outdoor venues and paved walking trails for hiking and exploring. Ashford also has a train that will take you around the town and its surroundings. This will allow you to see the beautiful views of the surrounding area.

Ashford has a picturesque riverside setting. The town is surrounded by beautiful greenery. It is also home to a popular vineyard, the Biddenden Vineyards. The vineyard features 11 different varieties of grapes planted across 23 acres of land. The estate also has a restaurant and bar where visitors can purchase snacks and drinks.