If you’re looking for a reliable cleaning service near me, check out Wizards declutter and cleaning services. Their staff is staffed by independent domestic workers who offer a variety of cleaning and housekeeping services. Their services include deep cleaning, move-in/out cleans, home organizing, and post-renovation scrubdowns. However, they only provide service in New York City below the 110th street line. For deep cleaning in Manhattan, you’ll need to get your hands dirty.

Done & Done Home

Done & Done Home is a professional home organization service. Their professional team of workers not only declutter and clean your home, but they also teach you how to use space more efficiently. They help you decide what to get rid of and what can be donated, and they help you design storage solutions to maximize space in overcrowded areas.

Organizing Goddess

The founder of Organizing Goddess, Sharon Lowenheim, is known for her expertise on how to live large in small spaces. Her company offers three-hour sessions, which are tailored to meet the needs of individual clients. The “First Class Package” includes nine hours of on-site work divided into three sessions and includes a customized action plan, resource recommendations, and email support between sessions. Individual three-hour sessions are also available for $375, and she offers discounted rates for pre-paid sessions. Travel fees may apply to clients outside of her service area.

Organizing Goddess also offers gift certificates and corporate bookings. It offers services for both home and office spaces. It also offers free organizing tips and an e-book. Organizing Goddess is located in New York City, and she specializes in helping apartment dwellers with their organizational needs.

Merry Maids

If you’re in need of a thorough home cleaning and decluttering, you can trust Merry Maids to do a great job. The company has more than 40 years of experience and covers a vast network of metropolitan areas. They will thoroughly clean and organize your home, helping you decide what to keep and what to toss. After the decluttering, you can expect your home to look beautiful and feel organized.

Merry Maids cleaning services typically cost about $100 per hour, which includes two cleaning professionals. They will clean all rooms in your house, including bathrooms and bedrooms. They will also pay close attention to appliances and fixtures. Their goal is to get every surface spotless and dust free.

While there are a lot of companies out there offering house cleaning, it is crucial to choose a company that offers the type of services that you need. You can start by checking online reviews. The reviews of larger companies will give you an idea of what to expect from the company.

Neat Method

Neat Method is a luxury home organization service with offices and locations across the U.S. Its mission is to transform homes into functional, beautiful, and organized spaces. The company offers decluttering, organizing, and moving services, and offers virtual appointments. The company has experienced professional organizers who take the time to consider your needs. They will purchase the necessary items and donate the unwanted ones, and offer permanent solutions to your problems.

NEAT Method declutter and cleaning services near me specialize in tackling clutter and helping clients organize their homes. The Michigan-based company has consultants who can help individuals sort through their stuff and organize their lives. It also works with builders and real estate agents. Many of the company’s clients are new homeowners or people moving into new spaces.

Neat Method organizes homes to help individuals, families, and couples find the freedom and clarity they need from their homes. Their methods are designed to help people get rid of clutter while preserving the integrity of the space. A professional organizer, known as a NEAT Girl, considers your specific needs to provide you with an organized home. They can suggest storage solutions and organize your belongings according to your needs and budget. A NEAT Girl will also donate unwanted items and help you live a clutter-free life.