You don’t need to be a pro to create a smart storage solution for your narrow closet. Add shelving to double the amount of available storage space. You don’t even have to spend a weekend DIY. Here are a few ideas. Invest in some shelving, or use cardboard sheets to create a DIY shelving unit.

Swingy closet organizer rod

The swinging closet organizer rod will give you more space in your closet. It extends along side walls and doors, allowing you to store items on either side. The side shelves will help you keep out-of-season clothing and other items organized. The long shelf at the top of your closet is always messy, so you might want to use a plastic or metal divider to keep everything contained.

Some swingy closet organizer rods have adjustable lengths, so you can choose one that fits your closet. Adjustable rods are also a great feature, allowing you to customize the length of your rod to the height of your clothing. The rods can accommodate shirts, pants, and even kids’ clothing.

Installing a double rod will give you more space than you think. You’ll find commercial double rods between 10 and 12 feet in length. You’ll also find shorter ones if you have limited space. However, if you want the space in your closet to be unused, you’ll need a rod that is at least six feet long. You can also find expandable rods, which are fully adjustable.

The price and durability of the rod will play an important role in your overall satisfaction. Manual rods are much cheaper than those that use motors. They have handles that allow them to swing down and up, but they do have weight limits. You can opt for a motorized model that can support up to 60 pounds, but it will cost you more money.

Over-the-door sunglasses organizer

Using over-the-door sunglasses organizers is an efficient way to save space and organize your sunglasses. Instead of storing your sunglasses in your closet, place them on the shelf or hang them from a metal coat hook near the door. These organizers have 20 plastic pockets per side and hold as many as 40 pairs of sunglasses. They also feature slots for smaller accessories. This over-the-door sunglasses organizer is a Good Housekeeping Storage Award winner.

If you have a small closet, an over-the-door sunglasses organizer is a good solution. They are stylish and functional. However, they can get tangled up in drawers or on top of dressers, making them more likely to get damaged. Moreover, sunglasses can also get damaged if they are stored in a messy manner.

Another way to organize sunglasses is to hang them on a wall. The wall-mounted hooks can be purchased from home goods stores or online. Alternatively, you can use a framed picture frame to display your sunglasses. You can hang the frame with nails or hooks.

You can also purchase individual cases to keep your sunglasses. These cases are especially helpful when you travel. Avoid buying soft cases as they can crush your sunglasses.

Drawer and shelf unit

A drawer and shelf unit is a practical solution to the problem of space. They take up little depth and leave plenty of room for hanging and displaying items. Plus, they can help you make the most of the extra wall space. They’re great for stashing small accessories or storing hard-to-find items, such as hats, scarves, or jewelry.

A narrow closet can be challenging to organize. But with creative storage solutions and a little effort, you can maximize the storage space and create a sense of order. Drawers are great for organizing small items and shelving is perfect for folded clothing, baskets, and shoes. You can even create a custom design that includes a shoe rack and shelving.

Organizing your closet is an excellent way to prevent it from becoming a cluttered mess. A well-organized closet will keep your shoes, clothes, and accessories in order. Closet kits make creating compartmentalized storage solutions quick and easy. If you have a large closet, a kit can help you make a customized shelf unit with a variety of features. A shelf above the bottom shelf allows for space for shoes and accessories. There’s also a stylish hamper for seasonal items. And finally, a bow rack keeps ribbons and other accessories in order.

Cardboard sheets

Using cardboard sheets as closet organizers can save space and add style. They can be hung on sturdy hangers and hold up to two sets of sheets. They are useful for hard-to-reach storage but can also get dusty when not rotated often. To keep them dust-free, cover them with a hanger storage bag.

If you have a lot of sheets, you might want to consider purchasing some shelf dividers to separate the sheets. Then, label them accordingly. This way, you will know where your sheet sets belong. In addition, you can also use labels to keep track of which sets match.

You can also try using Evelots dividers, which are designed to help you organize your clothes neatly. These dividers are also adjustable and allow you to stack them as high as you like. They are easy to install and adjust to fit your storage space. You can also try creating a DIY closet organizer that sits in the middle of your closet. This will give you two separate hanging areas and a few drawers. You can also add shelves or baskets to the closet organizer, if you wish.

Another option for narrow closet organizer ideas is to use a coat closet. In addition to using this space for coats and shoes, you can also make use of empty walls for linen storage. You can use plastic baskets to store your towels and other small items, and you can use drawer dividers for small items.

Ikea’s Kallax collection

If you’re looking for closet organizer ideas for a narrow closet, look no further than the Ikea Kallax collection. Its versatile shelving can be stored vertically or horizontally and comes in multiple colors. The shelving units are easy to assemble and are very inexpensive. You can fill them with storage cubes and decorative items. They’re also customizable because they can accept non-ikea inserts. To use non-ikea inserts in a Kallax unit, they must be 13in x 13in and less than 15in deep.

For a more custom look, you can turn your Kallax shelf unit into a buffet. You can buy decorative Kallax shelf legs and inserts to create a customized look for your shelves. These decorative shelf legs are easy to install and make great decorative accents for cube storage decorating ideas.

Another great idea is to use Kallax to display your record collection. This unit is extremely versatile, and can double as a sideboard, television stand, or kitchen island. You can even use Kallax as a home bar station by adding a few LED lights.

You can use Kallax units in any room of your home. They can even fit inside a standard bedroom closet, as long as you put hangers on the side. Kallax units can also be used for storage in entryways, mudrooms, and basements. They also come with wheels, which make them portable.

DIY hanging rack

Hanging racks make a fantastic DIY closet organizer. You can buy single metal hooks that work great for hanging hats, or opt for multi-hook coat racks that can store your necklaces, purses, and jackets. Either way, these racks are easy to install and will provide plenty of storage space.

For smaller items, try a low-profile hanger. You can even hang clear acrylic file dividers, which work well for holding small accessories and dirty duds. For a more stylish look, consider adding a decorative shelf below the hanging rack to keep small items out of sight.

A melamine hanger system is another option for your narrow closet organizer. While built-in drawers and shelves are useful, a DIY hanging rack made from plumbing pipes makes a cool storage statement. A DIY hanging rack allows you to hang your favorite shirts and pants in a neat, wrinkle-free manner.

When designing a closet organizer, be sure to utilize every inch of space. Adding extra rods will save space, and you’ll have an easy time laying out your clothes in the morning. In addition to shelves, you can also consider using a step stool to reach top shelf items. Lastly, you should invest in labels to help organize your stuff.

Hanging organizers are versatile and inexpensive. They are also customizable. You can build them to match the current closet’s structure. They can include shelving, hanging bars, and shoe storage.