A little over a year ago, I found a website selling bio-cosmetic products, I was struck by the popularity of the term and wondered if it was new to me. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn’t.

I read on bio that it was created in 2020 by Rachel Withers and Gloria Wilcockson. They claim to be able to “produce nature’s perfect cosmetics”. I had been considering starting my own company to provide similar items but didn’t want to jump right into it at that time because I really didn’t know much about cosmetics and I didn’t have the expertise or funding necessary to start a company.

Bio was one of the products that I had seen on the television and had a lot of questions about. I started doing a bit of research about them to see if I could figure out why they were so popular and why they were generating so much buzz.

I discovered that they had been marketing and distributing the very same products that they were promoting to me. There were no new products being developed or the products are any more effective than their previous products. Their claim to fame is that they have a breakthrough formula and that it is made in a lab, with no human intervention.

It just didn’t make sense to me that these ladies were saying that their formulas were completely natural and no interference with their own science was happening in the process. These are the type of claims that don’t seem credible when you talk to the promoters. What interested me even more is that they say that their formula contains three essential oils; Jojoba, Rosemary and Chamomile.

I’ve always been fond of Jojoba and I’ve never seen any studies that show that it can help with any skin problems. I have heard that the ingredient might be helpful for treating people who suffer from depression. I really don’t understand how any cosmetics company can claim that a natural ingredient like that can help with skin problems. There are lots of chemicals that I’m sure that they know about that they’re keeping under wraps, but none of them seem to apply to cosmetics products.

The product that I am using to battle depression is Rosemary oil. That’s what I use to relieve symptoms. I’ve never used Rosemary in a cosmetic formulation before and I didn’t know about it when I first saw Bio cosmetic products. I’ve always been familiar with jojoba as a plant extract. This claim really did not strike me as believable.

Not only are cosmetics companies using these products that contain simple synthetic ingredients, but they are also adding man-made colors and fragrance. The plastic containers are also synthetic and the bottles are filled with water. When it comes to anti-aging products, it’s necessary to avoid all synthetic preservatives.

It’s important to stay away from all synthetics because they aren’t natural products. When we buy products, we expect them to be as natural as possible and as safe as possible. We don’t need anything added to them to make them appear more pleasing and appealing to the eye.

If you want to try natural products that are beneficial to your health, then I suggest that you find a few stores that sell only organic products. One of the reasons why they are able to provide such great results is because they use only the best natural ingredients.

You might think that those products will cost more than regular products, but they really aren’t going to cost much more than the ones you find in the store. The fact that you are paying for a healthier alternative that is perfectly safe is reason enough to shop for all-natural cosmetics.

So, if you’re wondering whether these Bio Cosmetic Products really works or not, then the answer is yes. And here’s another great news. They don’t even use animal testing!