There are some simple tips that can help you organise your men’s wardrobe. These include color-coordinating your hanging clothes, eliminating wire hangers from the closet, and using double hang closet organizers. In addition, you can use storage bins to keep your large accessories in order.

Color coordinating your hanging garments

Hanging your men’s hanging garments in color-coordinated groups is an effective way to make selecting an outfit easier. This helps prevent clothing from being overlooked or shoved in the back of a closet. You can even color-coordinate your hanging garments by type.

Using a color wheel is helpful when color-coordinating your men’s hanging garments. You can split the wheel into two sections: cool and warm colors. These two sections will help you coordinate shirts, pocket squares, socks, and even silk knot cufflinks.

Eliminating wire hangers from your closet

Eliminating wire hangers from your closet can be easy. You may have several hangers in your closet, and you don’t know what to do with them. There are many uses for wire hangers in the home, and many dry cleaners provide them for free. But you can find other solutions that will save you time and space in your closet.

You can get new hangers in a variety of materials. Choose wooden, plastic, or velvet hangers. Avoid metal hangers. Metal hangers are cheap but have their advantages. You can also use them for dry cleaning, but wire hangers are not ideal for expensive clothes. They can easily bend and rust, making them difficult to organize.

Another downside to wire hangers is that they cause creases in clothes. This can be especially detrimental to fine silk blouses, which need to hang properly to look their best. Worse, wire hangers can rip merino knits and cause rust stains to appear on your clothes.

You can eliminate wire hangers from your closet by using thin flocked hangers. They can save space in your closet, too. They are also easier to clean than plastic hangers. You can also get flocked ones that look great and are affordable. Alternatively, you can buy wire hangers made from wood or plastic.

Double hang closet organizers

Double hang closet organizers are excellent options for men’s closets, and can allow for maximum storage space. The dual hang system allows you to hang clothing by the waist or cuff, allowing the most amount of space for each piece. These systems also work well for hanging bathrobes, which should be hung by the waist or cuff.

Men’s closets should have separate areas for their shoes and accessories. Shoes should also be separated into dressy and casual shoes. This way, they are easy to find and not all piled up on top of one another. Choosing the right kind of shoe storage will allow you to achieve this look without cluttering the space in your closet.

In addition to clothes, men’s closets need to provide space for belts and other accessories. These accessories can be placed on special racks, which will keep them wrinkle-free and easily accessible. Additionally, men’s closets need to have compartments for sunglasses, watches, and cufflinks. There are also specialized racks that make it easy to store tie clips, ties, and stays.

Double hang closet organizers for men can help men organize their closets. They can include bins, hooks, and shelves to hold various items. A 24-pocket organizer can hold a wide variety of items, including leggings, shorts, and shirts. They can also be fitted with decorative hardware.

Storage bins for larger accessories

Whether you’re trying to find space for large accessories in your men’s wardrobe or you’re simply looking to save space, you can use storage bins. These convenient bins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find exactly what you need. They come in shallow, medium, and deep versions, and they can be nested or stacked.

Organizing by category

One of the best tips for closet organization is to separate your clothing by category. For example, don’t mix casual and work clothing. Instead, group items by length, formality, or colour. You can also arrange them by lightest to darkest. Remember, you’ll most likely mix and match different colours, so it’s best to separate clothing by category rather than just putting them on a hanger.