Silent silicone dog tags are an excellent way to protect your dog’s identification. They’re made from 100% silicone, which means they won’t jingle or bother your dog. They’re also durable, with high-quality color and engraving that will never fade. Some of them even glow in the dark! These tags are also customizable, with space for up to seven lines of information.

Silent silicone dog tags are an excellent choice for active dogs. Because they’re completely silent, they can improve your dog’s well-being while providing peace of mind to you. These dog tags come in a range of colors and shapes, and can be personalized on both sides. They’re also available in a range of sizes, ranging from a single piece to packs of five or ten. Larger orders are always welcome, so don’t be afraid to contact a vendor if you’d like to order more.

You can also get a customized collar with identification information embroidered on it. If you’re using a thick collar, you can choose one with rivets, which will secure your pet’s ID tag firmly in place. You can also find a small storage pouch to keep your dog’s ID tag safe from fading and tarnishing.


Your dog will be safe and sound with a Hypoallergenic silicone dog tag. These tags are made of silicone, and are engraved using a co2 laser. Unlike metal tags, silicone dog tags are completely silent. They also come in a variety of colors and can be engraved with up to three lines of text.

The newest version of this popular pet ID includes a stylish silicone band with a coloured faceplate. It slides on a collar, leash, or bridle easily. Stainless steel nameplates are also available in Black and Gold. The silicone band makes the tag easy to slip on and off, and the tag is made to last up to two years.

Dishwasher safe

A silicone dog tag is a popular choice for many dog owners. These flexible tags are dishwasher-safe, silent, and stylish. They can be purchased from a number of companies, including SiliDog. The company offers a variety of silicone dog tags, including the popular Quiet Spot pet tag silentener. Some of these tags are also light-reflective, making them visible at night.

Military-style silicone dog tags have proven useful as personal PSDs to measure bioavailable chemical exposures. They detect up to 18 PAHs, including many classified as possible carcinogens. The concentration of many of these chemicals was higher when firefighters were on duty compared to when they were off duty. Moreover, the number of fire attacks correlated positively with the concentration of the compounds detected in the dog tags. This type of data offers a more accurate picture than crude surrogate measurements.


Purchasing a silicone dog identification tag is a great way to identify your pet. Some tags have a microchip embedded in them, which can be useful if your dog gets lost. These tags are also waterproof. A jingle-free silicone tag is an excellent option for dog owners who don’t want their pet to jingle. Some tags are even Bluetooth-enabled.

Custom silicone dog tags are great for your active dog. They are designed without jingles, which improves your dog’s comfort and gives you peace of mind. Many silicone dog ID tags are debossed or screen printed and can come in a variety of colors. These tags are especially popular with campers and schools. There are also options for multi-block and reflective colors. Contact us to get a quote for a special color.