Personal organizing is an excellent way to break the cycle of self-doubt and disappointment. It teaches you how to get positive momentum going again by focusing on your goals and challenges. The process will help you to improve your overall confidence as well. By following a few simple guidelines, you can make your life better and feel better about yourself.

Meryl Starr

Meryl Starr’s personal organizing skills have been with her for years, but she only discovered they could become a career a few years ago. She attributes her success to her innate intuition, vast experience, and dedication to her work. She spends her days motivating people, offering ideas and inspiration, and helping them get rid of clutter.

Meryl Starr is an author, personal organizer, and radio talk show host who specializes in helping people get organized. Her methods are proven and successful. Her ideas have even been featured on HGTV and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. She has also appeared on several local and national news programs. You can learn more about her techniques by watching Let’s Get Organized with Meryl Starr.

Meryl Starr’s personal organizing techniques have been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Woman’s Day and Rosie. She has helped celebrities and Hollywood executives organize their homes and lives. She has also been featured in dozens of home organizing books and magazines. Her advice and tips are invaluable to anyone looking to improve their home and life.

Meryl Starr’s personal organizing secrets are simple, yet effective. She uses clear shoe boxes and drawers to keep her shoes organized. Because they are clear, she can easily see what is in them. She also saves space by using slim hangers. Don’t miss her appearance on Celebrity Family Feud on ABC on September 12th!

Professional organizers

If you are looking for a career that combines creativity with organization, consider becoming a professional organizer. There are several benefits to becoming a professional organizer, including the freedom to set your own hours and flexibility. You will also be working for yourself, which means you are not tied to a salary. A professional organizer will also adhere to a strict code of ethics.

Before contacting a professional organizer, consider your goals, budget, and time frame. This will help you prepare for the initial conversation. Once you’ve identified which professional organizers might be the best fit for your needs, you can set up a consultation. Some organizers offer free consultations, but others charge a small fee.

If you’re having trouble getting your house organized, a professional organizer can be a great help. They can provide a third party opinion, as well as a second pair of hands. They can also help you organize bills and appointments, as well as help you streamline administrative tasks. Some professionals specialize in different types of projects, such as helping seniors downsize, scanning photos, and assisting hoarders.

Professional organizers will usually suggest an in-person consultation. This will allow them to assess your space and lifestyle and develop strategies and a plan for moving forward. You can also ask about their fees and ask for references. Some of them will also charge for travel, so be sure to ask about this when you hire them.

A professional organizer can help you sort through all of your things and find an organization system. They can also help you remove clutter by helping you to create more space. Most professional organizers are able to work in virtually any area of the home, including the closets, home offices, garages, attics, and playrooms.

Their services

Before you hire a professional organizer, be sure to review their fee structure and ask for references. These professionals don’t always use contracts, but you can ask for a contract in writing to make sure you’re covered. Also, make sure you’re clear about the details of the work involved and ask if they have a space where they can do the work.

Many organizers offer additional services, such as buying and installing storage containers. They also offer home staging advice, which can include sifting through photos and organizing closets. Some also clean and hang window treatments. Some can even replace furniture, if needed. However, not all of these services are available for everyone.


Whether you are moving or are getting ready to welcome a new member to your family, hiring a professional organizer can save you time and stress. A professional organizer can also help you with your computer and organize your files. You can usually expect to pay about $50 to $150 per hour. These professionals can do a wide variety of tasks, including cleaning and deleting files, running maintenance programs, and installing and customizing programs. The cost of hiring a professional organizer is determined by the scope of work you need done and the amount of time you have available.

The rates of a professional organizer can range anywhere from $50 to $125 per hour, with a more experienced professional charging $125-$500 an hour. The fee depends on the services they provide, but some companies offer packages to fit all budgets. For example, a kitchen tidying session can cost up to $200, while a full-house effort for a senior downsizing might cost $1,000 or more.

Professional organizers usually charge by the hour, per project, or per hour, depending on their level of expertise. Rates may also vary, so check with the organizer’s website before hiring. Hourly rates for larger jobs can range from $50 to $60 per hour, depending on the size of the job. If more hands are needed, the rate may be higher, though. Some professionals require a minimum number of hours for their services, and many require a minimum of three hours.

Working with them

Working with a professional organizer can be beneficial in many ways. While it may cost more money and require more travel time, it is much easier to achieve your goals with someone right next to you. Moreover, an on-site consultation can help you better understand your organizational strengths and weaknesses. In addition to facilitating the process, working with a professional organizer can help you move on with your life more quickly and efficiently.