Choosing organic makeup brands can be confusing for any newbie. A subject worthy of its own article, this article will aim to clear up some of the confusion. Whether you are a woman wanting to try organic makeup for the first time, or an old pro who is giving organic skin care a try, this informational article should help you find the right makeup brand. Let’s begin!


There are many organic makeup brands available today, each with its own distinctive selling points, and of course its own sets of ‘natural’ ingredients and benefits for the skin. As with most things, consumers are getting pickier when it comes to exactly what s in their cosmetics products, and this is an advantage! Natural or organic makeup brands, which are usually good for your skin, offering not only lasting beauty but also nourishment.

One of the organic makeup brands my mother relies on is called Wrecking Balm Cosmetics. Founded by makeup artist, Liz Wolfe herself had grown weary of the harmful ingredients in commercial skin care products and decided to turn her disgust into a business opportunity! Her philosophy is simple: to provide beautiful, natural-looking skin to those who need it most, without using chemical additives or harmful chemicals.

Her organic makeup brands contain no synthetic fillers, fragrances, dyes, or colors, all of which are known to cause allergic reactions and even cancer. Her philosophy is based on the idea that beautiful looks are nothing more than skin deep, and beauty comes from within. To this end, her beautiful creations include natural botanical blends like she offers in her popular Balm Strips and inky powders. She believes that people deserve beautiful skin and wants to make sure her customers are satisfied with their choices.

Another great brand of beauty care brand that has been making a splash in the beauty industry is Clean Cosmetics. This up-and-coming brand features completely no harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances, or colors. The goal of Clean Cosmetics is to produce products that cleanse, detoxify, and moisturize. It is a revolution in the beauty industry and one that is set to influence many more brands in the future. If you want beautiful skin, there is no substitute for Clean Cosmetics.

If you really want to be a “cruelty-free” beauty manufacturer, then you have to make sure you don’t use any synthetic chemicals, dyes, or artificial preservatives, among other things. However, organic beauty companies can use the words “cruelty-free” if they so choose. However, this does not necessarily mean that their products are entirely vegan. Many companies choose not to do animal testing at all.

One of the newest vegan brands to enter the market is Inika. Created by two Canadian beauty experts, Inika products have been certified organic by both the Canadian government and the United States government. Inika’s line of vegan makeup includes foundations, lip liners, lip glosses, bronzers, and eye shadows.

There are many other cruelty-free, organic makeup brands coming out on the scene today. Parabens, sulfates, and other dangerous chemicals have been banned in some countries and regions. However, these chemicals still find their way into many American makeups, including foundation, lipsticks, and eyeliners. These ingredients should not be absorbed into our skin, and companies that refuse to use them are wasting money.

When you purchase makeup from a company that uses organic ingredients and promotes conservation, you know you are making a good decision for your health and the environment. The first thing you will notice is that your makeup is much more affordable than beauty products with the highest levels of chemical additives. Inika and other brands have made it their priority to use only natural, renewable resources, including wild Aloe Vera extracts and coconut oil, which have been shown to have an effective healing effect on scars and blemishes, and are gentle on your skin.

Inika makeup also offers a great line of natural skincare products. Their facial creams contain healing botanicals like aloe vera, which have anti-inflammatory properties; vitamin E, which serve as a powerful antioxidant; and natural, organic kaolin and bentone gel that will hydrate and smooth your skin. Their facial body lotions are designed for healthy, balanced, glowing skin. Their body care products include a hydrating mask and body spray that will rejuvenate your skin and add intense moisture. They also offer a wide range of lip balms and glosses in both matte and gloss finishes.

Organic makeup is not only made with high quality, natural ingredients; it’s also made with cruelty-free manufacturing processes and doesn’t utilize harsh chemicals or petroleum-based ingredients. By purchasing organic makeup, you are not only protecting yourself but also making the earth a little bit healthier. There’s really no reason not to feel good about what you’re putting on your face. Give Inika cosmetics a try!