Mudroom organization ideas are not just about getting rid of the clutter. You can also incorporate shoe storage into your entryway to store your larger shoes. Open shelving and pegboards are popular choices, but there are many more options. Consider a shoe closet, which will allow you to store your larger shoes in a separate space.

Mesh lockers

Mesh lockers are an excellent solution for mudroom organization, especially for large families. They provide a clear view of what’s inside without hiding items from view. Mesh lockers can also add texture to a mudroom. When designing your mudroom, function should be a top priority, but you should also consider form, as well.

Closed lockers are easier to keep clean than open-door ones, and they help prevent items from rolling away or falling. Closed lockers also provide more privacy for items and are more secure. However, they can be cumbersome to open and close. If security is your top priority, consider a combination of open and closed doors. You can also choose storage lockers with frosted glass doors for easy visibility.

If you aren’t looking to invest in ready-made locker sets, consider adding patterned floor tiles to the mudroom. These help hide dust and dirt. Additionally, wall-mounted file folders and a series of hooks can help keep everything in its proper place.

A traditional dresser can also double as a console in a mudroom. The open space on top can be used for keys, electronics, and plants. Alternatively, you can create a mail organizer with simple supplies and labels. You can add multiple tiers to create the perfect storage solution for your mudroom.

A mudroom can be a convenient area for families to get ready for the day. Using low-hanging hooks is a great idea, and cubbies can hold bulky coats and backpacks. You can also use furniture-style units to store pool toys and boots. Even benches can double as seating for a family.


Pegboards can serve as a great place to store a variety of different items, from bicycles to sports gear. Besides being a functional place for organizing bikes and sports gear, pegboards can also be used to organize luggage. They are often mounted on doors, allowing you to easily add extra space for hanging items. A pegboard is also a great place to organize tools. You can arrange your tools according to type and size, and use pegboard hooks or PVC pipes to hang them from.

A pegboard can also be used as a room divider. Using pegboards as room dividers is a great way to maximize space in a small space. It is great for studio apartments or homes with limited floor space. You can even use a pegboard panel as a photo collage or for hanging favorite accessories. The key to using pegboard panels effectively is to organize your items by type, so that you can easily find the ones you need. Also, make sure to attach labels to prevent accidental misplacement.

A pegboard is a versatile piece of decor that can be customized to fit any room’s design and decor. It allows you to organize items while adding color to the room. You can also use a pegboard to organize a sewing area. You can use a different color for different sections of the board.

Another great use for pegboards is to organize tools. They can store tools, a variety of baskets, and even rolling carts. Pegboards are available in varying sizes, so you can find one to fit your needs. Pegboards can also be mounted on a closet door or the back of a door.

Open shelving

Open shelving in a mudroom can be used to hold a variety of different items. For example, it can hold footwear, accessories, and clothing. Another advantage is that it allows easy access. You can also use it as decoration. You can even paint it to add a unique touch.

Open shelving in a mudroom can be used to store seasonal items, such as winter coats and boots. It can also be used to store the mail. It will keep the mail off of surfaces, which is especially useful if you have children. Consider the needs of the household when selecting the type of open shelving you want to use. For instance, if you have small children, you may want to place hooks at an appropriate height for them to reach.

Using open shelving in a mudroom will also help you to keep the room organized. Having a dedicated spot for dirty shoes can make your life much easier, since muddy shoes are no longer scattered around the house. Furthermore, this will teach your children good habits of keeping their shoes clean. Open shelving can also be used to store towels, so your kids can dry off quickly when they enter the house.

Open shelving in a mudroom can be paired with cubbies or cabinets. You can also use cabinets next to benches to store bags and accessories. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on mudroom cabinets, consider repurposing an old armoire or dresser. Wooden crates can also be used as shelves. You can paint them to add a stylish finish.

Open wall hooks are another great storage option. They’re easy to access and hide clutter. And you can also hang bins to store seasonal items. You can also hang wall hangings of flowers and leaves to add a romantic touch to your mudroom.

Bench-bookcase combo

A bench-bookcase combo can add a lot of storage space in a mudroom. The storage area can be used for more than just shoes. It can also accommodate other items, such as water bottles and pet accessories. If you want to have more room for storage, you can also add a few shelves and hooks.

There are a few different styles available. Some are made with multiple shelves and storage compartments. Some are made with shelves, some with drawers, and some have a flip-top seat to store shoes. You can find bench-bookcase combos in a variety of sizes, including narrow and wide ones.

A bench-bookcase combo can help you organize clutter in your mudroom. It can also hold items you don’t use everyday, such as gardening tools or water toys. You can also anchor it to a wall to make it more secure. A bench-bookcase combo can also be customized to be an entryway organizer.

A bench-bookcase combo is an excellent way to organize items and help your family stay organized. These furniture pieces are great for small spaces and can provide much needed seating. If you’re handy, you can even build one yourself. It’s worth the effort and the end result will be a well-organized mudroom.