Ever thought about how to get rid of head lice with salt? Well there are three salts that are especially recommended by a lot of health and medical professionals and you can make them yourself using products that you can get from your house.

The three commonly used ingredients for the disinfecting of childrens clothing are oatmeal, baking soda and salt. The first two are from the salt mines of Chile, while the third is from the salt mines of Mississippi.

I am always amazed at how many people out there still do not understand that while it is true that salt is good for you, it is not an important ingredient for how to get rid of head lice with salt. Salt is not the solution for this problem.

So how do these three salts worldwide have the ability to make this little monster go away? They work in the same way as regular dust rags, but they work for more than just one person.

When used in the right way and under the right circumstances, salt works in conjunction with the salting agent found in the salt mines of Chile and Mississippi to make a very effective method of how to get rid of head lice with salt. This type of application is just one of the reasons why you will find so many sales using these products today.

What are the salts worldwide used for? There are several methods of how to get rid of head lice with salt that you can try.

Most lice removal products contain either baking soda or oatmeal. Some of the worst cases that have been tested for the use of this process include using equal parts of the two in equal quantities that would be used to apply a salt coating on a mattress or rug.

Of course, no one wants to jump on a bed and jump up and down all night long to sprinkle Oatmeal onto the lice. So whats the alternative?

You can combine the oatmeal with some drops of alcohol and use that mixture to rub all over the lice infested area. If you want to add a little of the oatmeal to the rubbing mixture, you should do so, but make sure that you have an area of your body that can absorb the odor when it is combined with the alcohol.

Since baking soda and salt pellets cannot be washed off of clothing like a normal spray cannot, these products are preferred by a lot of people. Even though these products cannot kill the lice and may cause hair growth, they can work well in washing these parasites off of the hair.

Salt the rest of the body does not remove the lice but it will reduce the number of parasites you are infesting your body with. So, with one salt, two salt and three salt you are off to a great start for how to get rid of head lice with salt.

If you would like to learn more about how to get rid of head lice with salt worldwide and cant find it on the web, you can call your local physician for more information. They might even know someone that would be willing to give you the information you are looking for.