To organize your workbench, you need to know where to place things. Depending on the tools you use most often, you can either place them in a drawer or in a custom tool cabinet. You can also use adjustable shelves or stack bins vertically. Clear plastic totes can help you keep small items out of sight.

Build a custom tool cabinet

If you need to store many different tools, consider building a custom tool cabinet for your workbech. This will keep your tools organized and in easy reach. The most effective tool cabinet has multiple drawers and a divider. You can use two layers of foam or a combination of materials.

The cabinet is a great way to store tools, especially if you use a lot of power tools. You can choose from a variety of different wood species and sizes, and you can also design your own working surface. The most important thing is to make sure it fits your needs perfectly.

The frame of the tool cabinet should be built from 1×3 lumber. The frame can also include reinforcement strips for the drawer slides. Then, you can attach the work surface on top of the frame with 2×3 lumber. Make sure to use T-nuts to hold the pieces together. Then, use screws to screw in the top strips. Make sure you have plenty of screws to prevent any gaps or other problems.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a custom tool cabinet, you can get a foam tool kit. These kits are great for organizing most of your tools. You can find foam tool organizer kits in many shops. These foam kits are more economical and can be cut to fit many drawers. Just be sure to buy one with a different color than your tools.

The custom tool cabinet does not have to be huge. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. It all depends on your needs and your space. If you’ve already got a tool chest, you can use foam tool kits to build tool trays and drawer organizers for every drawer. You will surely be pleased with the end result.

Install adjustable shelves

Workbench shelves are an excellent way to add storage space and keep your workbench clutter-free. They are adjustable and can be mounted at any height to suit varying workspace requirements. In addition to adding storage space, these shelves also provide easy access to items stored on them. These shelves can accommodate items up to 30 inches wide.

Organize small items in clear plastic totes

Plastic totes are a great storage option for small items. They’re also a great way to organize tools and paint rollers. If you don’t have pegboard, use clear plastic totes to hold these items. Label them to make organization easier.

Organize tools on a tennis racquet

Old tennis racquets can be a great storage option. Not only can you use them to store small items, but they can also be turned into various workbench organization ideas. For example, you can use them as a book shelf or awards display, a tool caddy, or even a chalkboard.