There are many things to do in La Belle. The city is rich in history and has some great sites downtown. There are also some fun and unique adventures for visitors to try. You can also check out the flea market in La Belle. It is also home to a record fair and arcade bar. Find out more about these places by reading this article. It also includes directions for getting around La Belle. You can also use this article to plan your next trip to La Belle.

La Belle’s flea market

For those who love flea markets, La Belle’s flea market is a wonderful place to find antiques and other unique treasures. The town’s flea market is home to 20-30 vendors, each selling different types of items. The flea market is located right off SR80, and has plenty of free parking.

Besides antiques, La Belle’s flea market also offers vintage clothing and bizarre items for sale. This French market is a one-of-a-kind destination where you can find anything from vintage clothing to bizarre objects. The best part is that you can even rent a table to sell your unwanted items!

Its museum of art

La Belle’s museum of art is located in Houston and offers the latest scholarship about the early Texas period through multi-sensory films and select original artifacts. The museum’s exhibitions also feature new opportunities to interact with La Belle. The museum also presents the story of La Belle’s voyage and subsequent settlement in the region.

Its record fair

La Belle’s record fair is back with more than 25 vendors and 50 tables of record related merchandise. The event takes place at the Historic La Belle Mansion in downtown Minneapolis. Fans can expect to find a wide variety of vinyl records, LPs, CDs, and much more. This is a great opportunity for collectors to pick up a few rare gems, or even a bargain.

To save money on tickets, you can purchase tickets for The First Annual Bogarts Record Fair in advance. This is a good idea, because tickets for this popular event often sell out. Last-minute tickets tend to be cheaper, but they can also increase the risk of missing the show. Typically, the cheapest tickets are available three to seven days before the event.

Its arcade bar

La Belle’s arcade bar is a modern arcade bar that offers a variety of pinball and arcade games. There are also craft beers and wines on tap. The bar also offers happy hour deals. A few of its pinball machines are named after popular franchises. Princess Peach, Zangief, and Wizard Mode are just a few of the fun drinks you can order from the drink menu.

The bar is filled with retro games and competitive favorites. It has a 5,400-square-foot space filled with pinball machines, and it hosts a weekly trivia night and board game night. You can also catch live music on certain weekends. The arcade bar is also a great place to meet friends and enjoy a fun night out.

Its park

La Belle’s park has several features that will make you want to spend some time there. The park has a picnic pavilion, restrooms, and a floating boat dock. There are also benches and a small playground. The park also has a garden club, which has donated plants to help make the area look more beautiful.

The park is managed by the Hendry LaBelle Recreation Board. The park is located along the Caloosahatchee River and contains one of the town’s only nature trails. The park includes a half mile perimeter trail, as well as an additional half mile of cross trails. The park also includes a historic Captain Hendry house, which was founded in 1869 by Captain Francis Hendry, a Confederate officer during the Civil War. This is the only remaining home of a Civil War officer in the county.