Getting organized is not an easy task, but there are certain things you can do on your own to make the process easier. The first step is to plan a day or two when you can dedicate to reducing the amount of clutter in your house. Once you have a schedule for decluttering, begin with the floors and work your way up to the surfaces and drawers. Next, you can move on to the interiors, such as the kitchen and bedrooms. Ideally, the whole process would take you at least two days.

Organize your space

First, take inventory of your space. Sort the things in categories and group like items together. This will help you identify and organize everything. You can do this by making a list or jotting down notes as you go. You can organize your space in stages to fit your time and your mood. If you have a limited time frame, you may want to start with a smaller space.

Next, consider the causes of your clutter. Too many things in your room makes it difficult to find things you need. For instance, if you need to grab something out of your closet, you may have to shuffle around the space to find it. You may also need to be more systematic about putting away your items.

After you’ve purged your space of useless items, begin organizing it. You may want to use color-coded tabs and labels to help you identify what goes where. Decide on a location for most commonly used items, and place less frequently-used items in less-accessible areas. Remember, it’s easier to maintain a neat space once you’ve established a routine.

You should also consider decluttering your space. Decluttering your space will free up more space for storage and make it easier to find things. Make a list of the cluttered areas in your space, and then decide which areas need to be tackled first. Once you’ve done this, you can start organizing your space by putting items in designated storage bins.

Organize your closet

It may seem like a daunting task, but it is much easier than you think. First, you need to clear out everything. Next, you need to dust the shelves and baseboards, and clean the floor and any baskets. Organizing your closet can help you stay organized and free up time.

Another way to organise your closet is by dividing it into zones. Hanging clothes should occupy the majority of the closet space, while folded clothing should occupy the remainder. You can also create a physical boundary by adding hanging shoe organizers. Another great idea is to use hanger organizers to divide clothes and shoes vertically.

After you’ve separated your clothes, you should make piles for each of them. These piles include items you can donate, sell, or throw out. Make sure that the piles match your daily routine. If one set doesn’t match the others, that’s a sign that it’s time to throw it out.

If you’re not sure where to start, consider Marie Kondo’s method. The Japanese organization expert suggests that you first sort through your wardrobe, starting with the closet. When you’ve completed this, you’ll know exactly what items need to go where. That way, you can save money on new items and make more room for your current collection.

Another way to organize your closet is to set up a label system. You can label each item with the date it was worn, and stick those labels on hangers. You can also organize by color code.

Organize your desk

One of the easiest ways to make a messy desk more organized is to put everything in a file cabinet. That way, you won’t have to keep finding a file somewhere in the house. And if you need to use your desk for work purposes, you can easily transfer the items to another room or even another room in your house. This way, you can save space and time.

Another way to keep your desk tidy is to put a trash can next to or underneath it. Getting rid of unnecessary items as you see them is an easy way to maintain organization in your house. The longer you keep things on your desk, the more likely they will accumulate, causing you to end up with more clutter. Keep a recycling bin nearby, too, so that you can easily dispose of unwanted items.

If you’re not a fan of a file cabinet, try putting your papers in folders. Then, use drawers to store important items. You can even place photos and cartoons on your desk. You can also add inspirational quotes and favorite action figures. Just remember to keep the amount of these objects to a minimum, as too many things will make your workspace look disorganized and unprofessional.

To keep your desk organised, make sure to label everything. You can use sticky notes or markers to label different items. You can also invest in a label maker to help you organize your desk. Adding items to your desk that inspire you will also help you stay focused.

Organize your pantry

The first step to organizing your pantry is to sort your items into three different categories. Then, ask yourself if you still need to keep the items in each category. Once you have decided which items should go where, you can go ahead and choose containers and labels. Remember to put items you use on eye level so that you can easily find them, while items you rarely use can go on higher shelves.

Organize your pantry shelves like those in the grocery store. Place items that are similar in the same section or general category. Keeping similar items together will make it easier to find what you need when you need it. Make sure to label each section clearly so that you can easily identify what is in which compartment.

Before you begin organizing your pantry, get rid of anything that has expired or is no longer used. Also, get rid of any packaging that is no longer needed. This will free up space in the pantry. Professional organizers often use large bins to store items. This allows them to be easily changed and reorganized.

The next step to organizing your pantry is to decant dry ingredients into clear canisters. This way, you won’t have to dig through the clutter to find what you need. Also, it’s important to label your items so that household members know where to find them. Chalkboard labels are perfect for this, as they are easy to change. Another option is to hang organizers on the doors of your pantry. These are especially useful for storing canned goods, spices, and oils.

Another way to organize your pantry is to put the most important things first. You’ll eliminate unnecessary objects and keep the pantry tidy by removing dust bunnies and other particles. Also, you can make use of cereal holders and containers for cereal. By using these, you won’t have to put cardboard boxes or plastic bags in your pantry anymore. These items will save you space and make it easier to find the food you need.