For a very thoughtful gift, consider the Puppy in My Pocket blind bag, which is part of Series 2. Each blind bag contains one adorable puppy, plus a collector’s checklist. There are more than one hundred different puppies in total. Each blind bag features a unique design, and they make adorable keepsakes.

Princess Ava

Puppy in my Pocket is a series starring Princess Ava, the Siamese cat. This lovable, cuddly and loyal pet is ideal for children, as she embodies the traits of a perfect pet. Ava has a soft toy version of Princess Ava to match your child’s personality and preference. It is important to note that some of the ingredients in the food are constantly changing. For this reason, it is imperative to always read the labels and other information provided.

The Pet Buster

The Pet Buster (also known as Puppybuster) is a man who captures stray animals, locks them up in cages, and sells them for the highest bidder. This character was spotted by Wallace, who hid under a car. He also visits an amusement park and captures Ava, which she and her parents are not happy about.

Buster is very smart and adventurous. He likes to do stuff, especially exploring, and uses his nose to explore. He also has the ability to nap, which means that he can entertain himself while you work or take a break from your work. However, he doesn’t like to be petted, which means he will be more inclined to become attached to you.

The Friendship Heart

The Friendship Heart of a puppy in My Pocket is a collectible heart bracelet that comes with 3 collectible puppies. Each one has a pocket-shaped name tag on the collar. The pack also comes with a matching charm and Pocketville collection. These charms and pocket-sized puppies are the best way to show your love for your favorite dog.

The Friendship Heart is a red jewel in the shape of a heart. It can send your pet to someone else via the Magic Fountain. Originally, Princess Ava had this heart, which shattered into two halves. This heart glows whenever Ava is nearby. It is also used to know where someone is. Because of its power, Princess Ava has sworn to protect it.

Eva has two friends, Martina and Eva. They are both homeschooled and home-sick. The friendship they share is essential to the future of both of their lives. The Friendship Heart allows Ava to protect Martina, but it also helps her to learn more about herself and her past.

The Friendship Heart of a puppy in My Pocket has many characters. The main antagonist, Eva, is the devious Siamese cat who wants to usurp her sister as Queen of the Pocket Kingdom. In a flashback scene, Eva tried to kill Ava, but was only able to injure her hind paw. Another major villain in the series is Pet Buster, a grumpy old man who mistreats and sells stray pets.

The Friendship Heart of a puppy in My Pocket was also a musical show. The opening theme, Friendship Song, is sung throughout the show. The ending theme, The Friendship Heart of a puppy in My Pocket, is sung from the perspective of the girl and the puppy.

The Ocean of Friendship

The Ocean of Friendship is the cyan heart-shaped jewel that Queen Ava is currently wielding. It is an evolved version of the Friendship Heart, and it is the object that will enable her to fulfill her duties as monarch and perform her performances. The ocean is a symbol of friendship and unconditional love.

The Ocean of Friendship with a puppy In My Pocket is the third in the series. Estelle and Dot are visiting their Aunt Darla and Uncle Urchin in Paris when they suddenly find themselves in a mysterious world called Pocketville. As they explore this new world, they find that they have been chosen as the wielders of the magical Ocean’s Heart. However, the evil Princess Ava plans to steal Dot from them. In the process, they meet an old face, who will help them save the princesses and defeat the evil princess.

The Friendship Song

The Friendship Song for a Puppy in My Pocket is a playful love song written by Canadian singer-songwriter Brad Nowell. The song is a tribute to Nowell’s Dalmatian, who appears in many of Nowell’s songs. The song features classical, jazz, and pop influences, and is sung by Brad Nowell and his Little Orchestra. The song has a fun and whimsical feel, and the theme of dogs is perfect for children. The folk-singing trio has made the song a hit.