Organizing your small apartment closet may seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several ways to make the space feel more spacious, including using adhesive hooks, clothing racks, and multipurpose furniture. And there are plenty of ways to make sure everything is easy to find and easily accessible.

Adhesive hooks

Adhesive hooks are perfect for small closets. You can hang small items like your robe and accessories on them without worrying about damaging the walls. Closet valets are another handy accessory. These thin rods extend out from the closet door and can be used to hang scarves and belts. Installing these is easy and requires only a few screws.

Adhesive hooks are also useful for hanging wall decor and other items. You can also use removable hooks for hanging large pieces of art, curtain rods, and wire-backed frames. You can even use these to hang your necklace or bracelet. These accessories will be easier to find if you group them by type.

You can also use Command hooks to organize your home. These hooks are very popular with students and renters. They can help you keep your belongings organized and look nice. They are also a good way to spruce up your home decor. Whether you’re moving or renovating your small apartment, you can use them for decorating your home.

Clothing racks

One way to organize your closet in a small apartment is by installing clothing racks. You can place them in the corners of your closet or you can install them on a wall. If you choose to mount them on a wall, they can serve as a focal point of the room. Just be sure to ask your landlord for permission before installing them. You can also use them to hold folded clothing.

Another way to add a second tier to your clothing rack is by using rod extenders, which hang over your main rod. Over-the-door storage is also a great space-saving option. Towel rods, hooks, pockets, and mirrors can be attached to the over-the-door space. You can also install plastic chains that double as multi-level hangers. These can be bought at toy stores or hardware stores.

A small dresser can be positioned next to or underneath the hanging clothes. These small dressers also double as storage space for small beauty products and other essentials. A small dresser is an ideal solution for spaces that are limited in size, but you still want a closet space for hanging your clothes.

If you do not have enough closet space, consider investing in clothing racks. They will save you time and money. You can even purchase special hangers for pants. They have open-ended ends that slide onto each other. You can also place a coat rack in the corner of your bedroom.

Multipurpose furniture

Multipurpose furniture can be a valuable addition to any small apartment. Multipurpose furniture allows you to use the space more effectively. For example, a small side table can be used as extra storage. It can hold up to a week’s worth of clothes, and it won’t take up much space. Another great idea is to buy a matching nightstand to match your other furniture.

Multipurpose furniture can also serve as a stylish storage solution. You can use stylish baskets and containers to corral small items, while a pegboard or cork wall can double as a display space. Similarly, an ottoman can be used to store small items and even serve as a bedside table.

Another space-saving piece of furniture is a wall-mounted coat rack. It can serve multiple functions, from storing cleaning supplies and gear to displaying plants. A wall-mounted potted herb planter can also be a lovely addition to a small kitchen. Another multipurpose piece of furniture is a storage bench with a built-in towel rack and two pull-out drawers.

The use of multipurpose furniture is essential for small apartment closet organization. You will need to find a way to maximize storage space. A small bedroom is especially important for closet organization, so it is essential to create storage space wherever possible. In addition to using shelving, you can also make use of the space underneath your bed.

Another space that can be used for storage is the living room. Living rooms are often larger than bedrooms, and they often become the main dumping ground for bedroom clutter. For this space, Cattano recommends purchasing a two-foot shelving set from West Elm. A three-foot set costs an additional $10. Another useful space-saving idea is to install rolling island units. These units can be used in the kitchen, living room, and even bathroom.


There are several methods for decluttering small apartment closets. The first is to identify the type of clutter in your space. You can declutter one area at a time or tackle a whole room at once. This way, you’ll have more control over your space. This is especially beneficial if you don’t have a lot of space to work with.

Another method is to create a spreadsheet of things that need to be organized. If you’re an organized person, you can create an organizational system. If you’re sharing an apartment, you can make a shared spreadsheet of things that need to be organized. If you and your partner share this clutter, make sure to determine whose responsibility it is to keep the space free of clutter.