If you’re wondering whether the smell of basil is actually good for your skin, it’s hard to tell. The most common response people give when I tell them that using basil oil on their skin is an excellent idea, is a disgusted expression.

But if we look a bit more closely, it’s clear that basil can be used as a great way of improving skin health. The best way to use basil is in the form of a facial toner. You can either use it straight from the bottle or use it with a toner oil to help seal in the freshness and scent of basil before you apply it to your face.

Basil oil helps moisturize the skin too. It acts like a great natural astringent – removing dead skin cells and keeping the pores of the skin open and fresh. This will prevent those pimples, blemishes and wrinkles from forming.

Basil also has anti-bacterial properties. This means it can help to keep you away from acne breakouts. This can be particularly useful during the summer when the heat makes it particularly tempting to have an outbreak. A fresh splash of basil on a washed face will help to close up any pores that may be clogged.

The great thing about basil oil is that it’s so easy to apply. All you need is a cotton ball dipped in olive oil and a few drops of basil oil to soak in. You simply spread the oil into your hands and rub it in to the affected areas to give yourself a fresh smelling face and clear skin.

You can even use olive oil to do this. Using olive oil on your face is great if you have dry skin, because it will open the pores and give your skin a smoother finish. Just spread a little olive oil over the affected areas and you’ll soon start to see results.

You should make sure that you only use the freshest basil. Many people make the mistake of buying cheap and over-seasoned basil and then using it all over their faces. This can cause major problems for you, such as the dreaded nasty smell and a drying effect on the skin.

So if you’re wondering whether basil oil is a great way to improve your skin, there’s no better time than now. to add basil oil to your routine.

Many people who suffer from acne or other skin problems are desperate to get rid of it but they struggle to find anything that works. They often try various products, which don’t work very well, but they also try home remedies that don’t work at all. Then they realise that nothing else will work.

What they really want is a product that will not only work but also offer them some different options to choose from. Basil oil could be just that.

Basil oil has been used as a treatment for many years and there are many recipes available online to try out. You can get instant effects by just by dabbing a small amount on your face. This will temporarily lift up any spots and help to remove dirt and makeup, leaving your face looking fresh and clean.

You can also use a little oil on a cotton ball to massage around your face for some immediate results. Another option is to take a few drops of tea tree oil and put them in a glass of water and then soak a cotton ball into it to create an astringent, which helps to tighten and tone up skin.

Another very effective way to use basil oil is to drink a cup full each day to help moisturise and tone the skin. Just remember to always use it in its most natural state, which is either freshly squeezed or virgin oil.