Dead Sea mud scrub is a wonder to behold. Scrub the mud with your bare hands and you will be amazed by how soft and smooth it is.

Although the image of scrubbing the mud in the office on a daily basis may conjure up images of dirt bunnies, these scrubbers are actually quite gentle on the skin. Rub it with a rough cloth and you will notice that it’s not as powerful. The scrub is also resistant to staining and fading.

Mud Scrub: Salts Worldwide was founded in 1902 by Rabbi David Henkin, a philanthropist who wanted to find a way to help people in need. Today, Dr. Henkin’s motto remains “the more the merrier.”

Dead Sea mud is used in a variety of products including floor polish, polishes, rugs, carpet flooring, soaps, soap, detergents, stain fighting mops, floor cleaners, rug cleaners, upholstery cleaning, shampoos, conditioners, window coverings, and more. The salt content in the mud helps remove bacteria and dirt, leaving you skin and furniture sparkly clean. Another benefit of Dead Sea mud is that it is a natural soap.

Salts Worldwide sells Dead Sea mud scrub for a very reasonable price. It’s even available online. Salts Worldwide can even be purchased as a kit that includes the Dead Sea mud and non-leaky, odorless salt.

If you’re curious about how to use Dead Sea mud, simply dip a cloth into the salty, non-leaking mixture, then rub it over the entire surface of your floors. You’ll notice a dramatic difference in your dirty floors!

Dead Sea mud scrub also makes a great gift. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your mother, husband, girlfriend, or child, there’s a Dead Sea mud scrub in the gift catalog. Since so many people love the benefits of Dead Sea mud, you can also have a number of different types of mud available at once.

You can order Dead Sea mud mops, mud scrubs, floor soaps, soap, cleaning supplies, and more. They are a superb, all-purpose item that will make cleaning much easier. You can also purchase Dead Sea mud salts online, which you can easily mix into your favorite deodorant.

Dead Sea mud scrub is made from natural salts, which makes it safe to use on pets and children. It can remove stains from wood, paper, textiles, and clothing. It also helps to remove unpleasant odors such as mold, mildew, and garlic.

Dead Sea mud scrub is a perfect gift to give your pet. With its properties to remove any odor, Dead Sea mud can help eliminate even the worst smelling habits and keep your pet healthy. Many pet owners have had their pets do crazy things such as ingesting antifreeze because they were able to get rid of their foul odors by using Dead Sea mud.

Dead Sea mud can also be used on floors of your home to help remove stains and to create a fresh, non-staining feeling. It can also be used on surfaces like bathroom walls to reduce the discoloration caused by regular carpet cleaning.

Dead Sea mud scrub is also a wonderful thing to use on your carpets and other hard floors to help freshen them and help maintain a beautiful look. When combined with Dead Sea salts, this easy to use, easy to apply, and affordable item will create the sparkly, gleaming floor you’ve been looking for.