The largest city in Cullman County and the county seat, Cullman is located along Interstate 65, about 50 miles north of Birmingham and 55 miles south of Huntsville. Its population was 14,775 in 2010, and is expected to reach 18,213 by 2020. Cullman offers a wide range of attractions to visitors.

Ave Maria Grotto

The Ave Maria Grotto is a 4-acre park in Cullman, Alabama. It is set in an old quarry that was once part of the grounds of the St. Bernard Abbey. It is home to 125 miniature replicas of famous religious structures.

The Ave Maria Grotto is one of the most popular attractions in Cullman. You can explore it and get a glimpse of the history of the area. If you are traveling with a group, this is a great place to visit. The monastery also provides facilities for group events.

The Grotto is on the National Register of Historic Places. It attracts 20,000 visitors per year. It has a gift shop, parking lot, and picnic areas. However, it is not for the faint of heart or a weak back.

The Ave Maria Grotto is located on the grounds of Saint Bernard Abbey. It was created by Brother Joseph Zoettl, a Benedictine monk. He was born in Bavaria and had bad health as a child. He almost died from the flu when he was a teenager. Nevertheless, he chose to live his religious life in America, where he eventually became a Benedictine monk.

Another attraction in Cullman is Cullman State Park. It is 12 miles west of the city. Among the many recreational activities at Cullman State Park is flyboarding. You can choose from a 30-minute or an hour-long training experience.

Another great attraction in Cullman is the Clarkson Covered Bridge. A trip to this place will make your vacation one to remember! Cullman is home to many unique attractions, such as the St. Bernard Abbey, the Ave Maria Grotto, and the Clarkson Covered Bridge. The quaint downtown also has many other places worth visiting.

A visit to the Cullman County Museum is another great way to learn about the city’s history. Exhibits range from Native American artifacts to the history of Cullman. Throughout the year, the museum also hosts rotating exhibits to educate the public.

Goat Island Brewing

If you love craft beer, then you’ll want to visit Goat Island Brewing in Cullman, Alabama. It opened in early 2015 and is a member of the North Alabama Craft Beer Trail. The brewery’s brews are known for being made with fresh, local ingredients and clean processes. It’s also the first commercial brewery in the town since the 1880s. Its founders, Mike Mullaney and Gery Teichmiller, are friends and avid home brewers. They first collaborated on beer recipes, and eventually began brewing together. This relationship blossomed into the Goat Island Brewing Crew, which is now a full-fledged craft brewery.

The brewery is located at 1646-A John H Cooper Drive SE in Cullman. They sell refreshing beer like Richter’s Pils, a German-style golden pilsner. The outdoor beer garden is a great place to drink a beer, and the brewery also offers a gift shop and antiques.

The monastery was founded in Germany in the early 700s, and today it’s home to a variety of unique activities. Visitors can enjoy canoeing, fishing, and horseback riding on the beautiful grounds. The monks here are famous for their hospitality. They welcome people of all faiths to join them in Mass or just wander the grounds.

The city’s natural scenery and heritage make it an ideal destination for families. Visitors will also find the Ave Maria Grotto and Sportsman Lake Park idyllic for picnicking. There are many pavilions and picnic tables around the lake, as well as a coin-operated bird feeding station. You can spend the day fishing and feeding the fish at the lake, or visit the Ave Maria Grotto.

A visit to the Cullman County Museum is another great way to learn about the unique history of the city. The museum, which is housed in a 19th century home, has displays on local history. It also houses a replica of John Cullman’s home.

St. Bernard Abbey

Cullman’s Saint Bernard Abbey is a historic landmark that was established in 1891. Named after a famous abbot from the 11th century, the abbey is now a Catholic school. The school offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and is also home to the Saint Bernard Preparatory School.

Visitors can learn about the history of this abbey, which is also home to the Ave Maria Grotto. This grotto showcases more than 125 miniature replicas of historical and religious sites. It also houses Native American artifacts that date back to before the city was settled.

Another great place to visit in Cullman is the Cullman County Museum. Its displays range from the local Native heritage to the Civil War. There are also rotating exhibits throughout the year. Visitors can also enjoy the sounds of Americana music from the early settlers of Cullman.

The monastery community is made up of 36 monks who share their daily life among themselves. They are responsible for meals, prayer, housing, recreation, and property. They live in accordance with the Rule of St. Benedict, which was written around 530 A.D.

The Clarkson Covered Bridge is another interesting site to visit in Cullman. It was originally built in 1904 and used by farmers and travelers. Unfortunately, over the years, the bridge fell into disrepair. It was eventually used as the centerpiece of a park that celebrates its historical significance. It includes several hiking trails and picnic areas.

For beer lovers, there’s a local brewery in the town. Goat Island Brewing, which began in 2015, offers award-winning beer. Their Richter’s Pilsner, a German-inspired light golden pilsner, was the winner of the 2017 Alabama Craft Beer Championship.

When you’re looking for the best barbecue in Cullman, head to Moe’s Original Bar B Que for some of the best barbeque in town. Their wood-smoked turkey and Bama-style pulled pork are two of the highlights of their menu. They also feature an array of special sauces and host live music every Friday. It’s located at 318 First Avenue, in the historic district.

Cullman’s sportsman lake park is a popular outdoor attraction for families. Its shallow body of water is ideal for paddle boating and feeding the fish. It also features a putting green and a swimming pool. There are also pavilions and picnic tables to enjoy a relaxing day. In addition, the town’s Cullman Wellness and Aquatics Center offers an indoor swimming pool and classes for all ages.