To have strong healthy hair that shines beautifully, having many specific nutrients in your diet is very important. Nutrients such as vitamin A vitamin, B complex, protein, healthy fats and even iron. So choosing hair products with these nutrients is essential for healthy hair. Although each type of hair needs more or less of other nutrients and therapies here are the basics for every type of hair.

You want to eat foods with vitamin A and beta-carotene (Vegetable version of vitamin A). Fruits with vitamin A are yellow and orange-ish in color. Vegetables with beta-carotene are also yellow and orange but also include dark leafy greens as will. The best way to get beta-carotene in your diet is to eat sweet potatoes and carrots. You should consume at least four thousand IU of vitamin A and or beta-carotene a day. This will keep your scalp in a healthy condition as will as help tissue be rebuilt.

Warning: If you are pregnant or may become pregnant it is dangerous to take vitamin A in excess of four thousand IU. This over consumption of vitamin A runs the risk of birth defects.

Eating foods with vitamin B complex helps to keep your scalp healthy and your hair strong you should be consuming roughly fifty mcg of biotin and B12 and fifty mg of B vitamins the best way to supplement your diet with these complexes is by eating soy, nuts, seafood, dark leafy greens and whole grains.

For women iron intake is very important because not having enough can cause hair loss. Foods that are rich in iron are; nuts, dried fruits, whole grains, legumes and dark leafy greens. So be sure, women, that you have a rich iron diet.

Men and women who are menopausal should consult a doctor before in taking large iron supplements. This is because excess iron in your diet may put you at risk of heart disease. 

Scalp massages help stimulate blood circulation to the head and helps to be rid of anything that will clog follicles in your scalp. It also allows your hair to grow more quickly. Everyday for at least a few minutes massage your scalp softly with scalp aroma therapy lotion before cleansing you hair and before bed. This will encourage healthy hair and scalp 

Before or after conditioner you should use herbal hair rinses to remove residue from shampoo. This will help to bring natural highlights to the surface and have a pH level that is balance and healthy for the scalp. They also encourage healing of the scalp that has been irritated or inflamed by chemical and heat treatments.

This is a step by step of how to clean and condition your hair. This is very important for healthy hair.

First, rinse your hair with warm water to open the follicles.

Second, put about a quarter sized amount of shampoo in your hand and apply it to your head.

Third, massage the shampoo into the scalp using your finger tips.

Fourth, rinse shampoo with warm water to be sure the shampoo is rinsed out of the follicles.

Fifth, put a quarter sized of conditioner in your hand and massage throughout hair and into scalp.

Sixth, let sit for at least one minute

Seventh, rinse with warm water thoroughly

Note: if your scalp is normally oily then apply conditioner to the ends of your hair ONLY.

The best way to keep your hair in a healthy state consistently deep condition your hair at least once a month. The oils in deep conditioning are rich in nutrients that soften damaged and dry hair. Also if you deep condition once a week you will restore managebility and luster to your hair.

There you have it, the basics to keeping hair healthy. Massages, cleansing, conditioning, and even nutrients. Using all of these will allow you to keep your hair shine with health. If you don’t like the way your hair is, you took the first steps by looking at this. Keep it up. Be sure to check out the different therapies for each hair type as well.