Every well-balanced and healthful dog deserves a healthy variety of nutritious dog food including well-known dog food brands such as Purina and Iams, as well as Wellness Dog Food. If you are looking for the perfect dog food for your best friend, visit your local pet store, and check out their healthy dog food choices, as well as those of top-rated pet nutrition companies such as Pedigree, Hill’s Science Dietetic Dog food, and Revolution Nutrition dog food. There are many safe, wholesome foods for dogs available on the market today.


All Wellness dog formulations, a main ingredient commonly found in Wellness dog food, is a high quality protein source, usually chicken, lamb or turkey. Lamb, white fish, turkey and salmon are other high quality protein sources. While Wellness does not use meat meal byproducts, yet it does include meat “meats” dry, canned and protein-rich additives which pack in a lot more nutrients per serving than raw, natural, moisture-rich foods.

One of the most common human grade ingredients found in dog food is BHA or Butylated Hydroxy Acid. This chemical is added to pet foods in order to neutralize potentially harmful bacteria and oxidation. It is added because studies have proven that bacteria growth is unaffected by continual use of human grade products. However, studies have shown that canine cancers are affected by long term exposure to butylated hydroxy acid as well. To avoid this unnecessary health risk, look for Wellness dog foods that are manufactured using human grade ingredients only.

Other pet foods with common human grade ingredients are: Fancy Feast dog food, Doggie Up, My Lovin’ Pup, Natures Best Choice and Purina. Fancy Feast is manufactured by Purina and is one of the highest selling cat food brands in the world. Doggie Up is made by Purina and offers quality cat food for dogs. Nature’s Best Choice is made by Purina and has become one of the best selling pet food brands in the world. Both dog and cat food Natures Best Choice and Purina do not contain BHA as an ingredient, but they do contain artificial flavorings and colors.

Taurine is often called “the villain of the scene”. But, this ingredient is actually beneficial to your dog. Taurine is an amino acid which acts as a metabolism booster and is found in many quality dog foods. If you have ever had the misfortune of tasting bad dog food, then you know what I’m talking about. Taurine can cause severe stomach upset in humans, but it’s pretty mild in dogs. The problem comes from too much consumption.

It’s extremely difficult to find high quality dog food that contains Taurine. Many manufacturers use the chemical as a cheap way to boost the market share. By replacing Taurine with something else, they can save money without sacrificing any of the quality of the ingredient. Unfortunately, when manufacturers do so, they must add extra chemicals, such as tocopherols and beta carotene, to make up for the lack of Taurine. Even though these are considered safe, they still can cause health problems in dogs, so it’s best to stay away from brands that use these ingredients.

A healthy diet is important for your pet, and this includes dog foods. Quality foods from names you recognize will provide your dog with all the nutrients he needs. When searching for quality ingredients, look for a mix of ingredients such as corn, soy, rice and pellets. By providing your pet with foods that he can eat both healthily and frequently, he will be happier and healthier.

One nutrient that many owners overlook is the fiber content of pet foods. If you’re concerned about increasing your pet’s fiber intake, look for foods that have a higher level of fiber. One ingredient, you’ll want to look for is tomato pomace, which provides a high level of fiber but is also low in fat. Tomato pomace helps increase the volume of undigested food expelled from the gastrointestinal tract, making it easier for him to eliminate his waste.