Salt is a very important ingredient in almost all dishes, and the most important factor when choosing a Salt is the taste. In our search for the best tasting salt substitute, we discover what other people are saying about Salts Worldwide and what they think makes the product different from the others.

“I haven’t found a great tasting salt yet that I didn’t like it in any of my dishes. It makes my dishes taste better, and at the same time, it makes my dishes saltier than ever before!” – J. Scott Cook

“I really enjoy Salts Worldwide because it has salt in it. It is so simple to use, and it saves money because it is cost effective. I make almost every meal, and my family loves it.”

“I actually have not used any other brand for dinner like I have with Salts Worldwide. It has never failed me, and I enjoy the taste of Salts Worldwide more than any other brand. We love to bake and it is not very easy to find fresh-tasting, organic foods locally.”

“I find Salts Worldwide more appealing, because of its naturally occurring salt content. The natural nature of the salt leaves a strong flavor on the food and we like that. I often use the recommended amount in my recipes and I find it to be a great tasting alternative to table salt.”

“The best tasting salt I’ve used is Salts Worldwide. It’s almost more of a kitchen seasoning than table salt.” – Susan, Kansas

“We both agree that Salts Worldwide does have a very unique taste. This is likely due to the different types of mineral and salt combinations that each variety of salt produces.

“My family likes Salts Worldwide because it tastes great and is relatively inexpensive. It’s been our family’s favorite since we first purchased it’s very affordable.” – Joyce, Minnesota

“I know that Salts Worldwide was actually invented by an 18-year-old college student in Wisconsin, and he began his career as a hotel worker. He took his ideas and decided to take them to the United States, and he wound up creating a great product that everybody loves.”

“Salty” – Many people like the taste of salt substitutes. Salts Worldwide tastes similar to table salt, but with added trace minerals and nutrients to keep it salty enough to help you eat the foods that you like.

“I like the taste of Salt Worldwide. When I compare Salts Worldwide to Table Salt, I like the taste of Salts Worldwide more because of its superior flavor.”

“I have to say that Salts Worldwide is one of the most tasty products on the market. It is so much better than the ordinary table salt that you buy in the store.”