If you’re looking for ways to organize your under desk space, there are several different ideas you can use. Some of these include Pegboards, Sliding drawers, Metal wall organizers, and bookends. Some are also made out of plastic canvas. Using these materials, you can easily create a desk organizer to store all of your items.


Pegboards are a versatile option for under-desk organization. You can hang containers, shelves, and other accessories using the pegboard’s pegs. They are also a great way to store extra charger cords. Some pegboard accessories are made of self-stick paper or other materials that blend in with the decor of your room. You can also purchase wall decals that are suitable for pegboards.

Pegboards can be customized to hold pens, notebooks, and other small office supplies. They also make excellent storage spaces for magazines, catalogs, and other items. Pegboards can also be used for decorative purposes on a desk. They make an excellent choice for a child’s room or for a home office.

Pegboards are also a versatile solution for storing craft supplies. Craft supplies can easily get misplaced and become tangled. To keep them organized, you can use metal hooks or hang containers and rolls of gift wrap. You can also hang other accessories to make a custom wall unit.

If you’re planning to install a pegboard on the wall, you’ll need to measure the wall studs and mark them. Then, use a stud finder to locate the studs on which to mount your pegboard. Once you’ve marked where the pegboard is to go, you can attach the pegboard to the walls with wood screws. Once this is complete, you can sand down the pegboard to make it smooth and beautiful.

Another way to make pegboards look attractive is to create a diagram that shows how the pegboards should be arranged. This will help you visualize your ideal pegboard layout. It’s important that the items you use most often are placed in a convenient and easy-to-reach location.

Pegboards are also great for organizing tools. Most tools have holes in their handles that can be used to hang pegboards. Pegboards can also hold decorative items, like vases and jars. You can even hang inspirational quotes and words on pegboards.

Sliding drawers

If you want to keep your desk organized, you can purchase a sliding drawer. You can purchase a single drawer or a set of two drawers. You can also buy an all-metal or all-plastic drawer. These types of drawers don’t look very classy, but you can find ones made of bamboo. Bamboo drawers are available from companies such as Fully and UpLift. Some of them have up to 56 different finishes.

These drawers come with extra storage space and many features. Some of these features make it easy to store small books and pens. They also come with locking mechanisms. Some locking drawers have extra shelves for a laptop or tablet. If you’re looking for something inexpensive and convenient, you may want to consider a sliding drawer.

Another way to organize your desk is by using drawer dividers. These can be easily installed under your desk. Some of them even allow you to customize the size of each compartment. The dividers keep everything organized and prevent items from rolling around or sliding back when closed. Another great way to make your desk a more pleasant place to work is to add personal touches. Office greenery has been shown to improve creativity, and adding personal photographs to your workspace can give you an emotional boost.

While filing cabinets aren’t the best choice for under desk organizers, they are an excellent way to store important documents. Dunn suggests looking for a slim model. For instance, the Poppin three-drawer filing cabinet has a short design and a deep bottom drawer for hanging file folders. It’s just over a foot wide and fits under most desks.

Another popular under-desk organizer is a sliding drawer. It allows you to organize all your cables and devices while making your workspace look streamlined and uncluttered. These drawers can also accommodate small items, such as pencils, pens, and other office supplies. They also have convenient USB ports, which can help you keep all of your supplies in one place.

Metal wall organizers

Creating a functional under-desk storage solution is simple with metal wall organizers. These systems are versatile and can be rearranged as needed. Some units include magnetic plates that stick to the wall for quick organization. Others include shelves, dry-erase boards, and wall pockets. Another wall organizer option is a hand-finished acrylic unit with various-sized pockets for various office supplies.

If space is at a premium, you can also install a vented monitor stand to allow air to circulate around your electronics and provide ample space underneath for storing items. These mounts can support up to 22 pounds. Aside from being functional, metal wall organizers for under desk organizer ideas also allow you to keep things off the floor.

For kids’ bedrooms, consider durable items that can last through the childhood years and into the teenage years. For example, Jen from I Heart Organizing created a wall organizer for her son’s room. It has a rustic, masculine look, and can easily accommodate his essentials like his school supplies.

If you have the space and time, you can also create a DIY wall organizer. These units can function as a command center for your family. You can customize the dimensions of the shelves and bins to suit your needs. Another great idea is to build a small storage cabinet under the desk.

Whether you’re working in an office or a home, a desk organizer can help you get organized. Many of these units have compartments for office supplies and are stylish enough to match your decor. Some of these units also have wheels on the base, making them portable. These organizers are a great addition to your desk and are affordable. They also last a long time.


Creating a functional bookend on the underside of your desk is a great way to organize your books and keep them out of sight. L-shaped bookends are ideal for this purpose, as they don’t take up visual shelf space. Plus, they’re lightweight and will keep your books stable. They also have a protective film to prevent your books from scuffing or scratching. This set contains eight bookends (4 pairs) and is perfect for small and medium-sized books.

Bookends can come in many shapes and designs. The most common are made from stone, steel, or concrete. Some have bean sleeves, making them surprisingly stable. Some are even weighted with heavy materials. Those made of concrete, steel, or stones use the weight of the books to hold them up, and they are usually coated in a non-slip material to prevent them from slipping.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider using rope. It’s easier to make than yarn, and it’s less expensive. Then, you can wrap it around a jar or make it stand on its own. Another great option for under-desk storage is a simple wooden stand. The stand can be adjusted according to your needs, but be careful not to leave tangled wires or cords on it.