Do you know what natural mineral cosmetics are? Natural mineral makeup is the most appropriate option for those who have sensitive skin. It is also an excellent choice for those who do not wish to risk the possibility of developing allergies. Although some traditional makeup contain synthetic ingredients such as petroleum based ingredients, mineral makeup bases do not. That is why natural mineral cosmetics have become so popular over the years.


When natural mineral cosmetics base ingredients are combined with specially selected natural minerals such as mica, aluminum oxide, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, it results in a cosmetic that possesses all of the benefits of traditional cosmetic products without the harmful effects of synthetic ingredients. All of these different elements work together to help your skin become healthier and more youthful looking. They also work to protect your skin from environmental irritants and help to restore its elasticity and smoothness.

One of the main benefits of natural mineral cosmetics is that it is free from chemical preservatives, dyes and fragrances. The natural mineral formulations are free of dyes and other man made additives which can be harsh on your skin. This is because each mineral will naturally create its own natural color when mixed with inorganic pigments. Additionally, each mineral will provide its own colorless and whitening properties when mixed with carrier oils.

Zinc Oxide and Bismuth Oxychloride are both common additives found in traditional cosmetic products. Zinc oxide can be used to promote smoothness, firmness, elasticity and color. In addition to these benefits, zinc oxide and mica are also added because of their natural ant-aging qualities. These elements are commonly referred to as “antioxidants”. When used in mineral makeup base formulas, they help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When combined with other additives, zinc oxide and mica are effective in reducing the appearance of dark circles, bags and puffy eyes.

Antioxidants are also beneficial to the skin because they remove free radicals that can damage cellular DNA. When used in natural mineral cosmetics products such as foundation, eye shadow or blush, the zinc oxide and bismuth oxychloride provide a protective shield that can protect the makeup. Additionally, the sunscreen that is added to these formulations serves the dual purpose of preventing the formation of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays while providing additional protection from UV rays that can be absorbed through the skin.

Mineral Cosmetics is available in a wide range of application methods including brush on, sponge, serum, cream. The distribution channels include standard drug stores, specialty stores and online distributors. Shifting from one distribution channel to another can have an effect on a company’s profit margin and it may not be cost effective for some companies. For example, a distributor that only offers brushes as part of its product line may not have the same profitability margin when selling it in conjunction with an eye shadow kit or a blush compact.

While all of these components are important in the formulation of a quality mineral makeup, zinc oxide and bismuth oxychloride are the most important. These ingredients have anti-aging properties that help to reduce the signs of aging. Unfortunately, these compounds are extremely sensitive to the acid, sweat and water vapor that are prevalent in our daily lives. Therefore, manufacturers will sometimes add aluminum dioxide to their formulations to improve the absorption of moisture into the skin. However, using a soap-free cleanser that contains zinc oxide and bismuth oxychloride will improve the longevity of your products and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Finding a manufacturer that uses environmentally responsible manufacturing processes is also important. When you consider purchasing a mineral cosmetics product, there should be information provided that discloses the mineral content of the products and the manufacturing processes used. The use of a chemical preservative is unnecessary and can actually strip the natural oils from your skin. If you would like to purchase mineral cosmetics that have been evaluated for their suitability for use on all skin types, you can find a company that will work with you to create a line that contains only all natural ingredients. You can also check the company’s integrity by looking for certifications and customer testimonials to ensure you are making an educated decision.