There are several different methods to organize your shed, and all of them can be adapted to your specific needs. If you have a large kayak, for example, hanging it from large, sturdy hooks is a great idea. The same method works for other weather-resistant items like canoes and ladders. This method works best in a shed with a slight overhang, so you should check the specifics of your situation to see if it works.


Pegboards are workhorses in woodshops and are also a great idea for shed organization. You can use leftover boards or plumbing pipe to create a functional storage area, and you can add magnetic strips for any number of tools and other items. Whether your shed needs to be organized to store holiday decorations or organize your personal belongings, pegboards can make your life much easier.

Pegboards are easy to use and can be customized for different purposes. They’re also great for organizing small items, such as scissors and seed packets. These can be kept in basket attachments, and small planters can be stored on shelves. Pegboards are also useful if your shed is small and you don’t want to overstock the space.

Another useful tool organization solution is a tool zine. A tool zine contains pegboard walls, which give your tools a unified appearance. It also provides a lot of storage space while making the space look attractive. This option is especially useful if you have a handyman in your family. You can simply attach four pieces of pegboard to a wooden frame on casters.

Ladder shelves

Ladder shelves are a great way to store your tools. It’s an easy project that doesn’t require much woodworking. You can make a ladder bookcase for your living room or a storage solution for your shed. The shelves are on caster wheels for easy mobility and they also double as an accent for your workspace.

If you don’t have a workshop or don’t have the budget, you can build a ladder shelf yourself. You just need some lumber, a few wood screws and a few brand nails. These materials will make the ladder shelf durable and sturdy. There’s no need for power tools.

A ladder shelf is easy to build and can cost as little as $20. You can find plans and instructions for making them online. Just be sure to measure the space carefully. If the shelf is too bulky, it will make your organization system unruly. Alternatively, you can call in a professional and have them create a custom solution for you.

Magnetic tool holders

Magnetic tool holders are an effective way to organize your tools. They keep them organized, so they’re easily accessible and easy to store. This leads to a more organized shed and workspace. They’re particularly useful for long-handled tools, which can be difficult to store. Magnetic holders are easy to install, and many come with an easy-to-follow installation guide.

Another option for organizing tools is to hang them from the walls. You can hang them vertically or use screws to fix them to the wall. They’re a great option for storing hammers, nails, clamps, and other items with a handle. And, they look great.

Magnetic tool holders are also great for storing small tools and utensils. They make it easy to find the right screwdriver or small Phillips head. HMmagnets makes these tool holders with a magnetic strip on the front and back, so tools are visible and within reach.

Wire baskets

If you have a small shed, wire baskets can help you keep organized. They are durable and look great. They are great for storing small items and can be placed above work surfaces. You can even use them to keep extension cords organized. They will help you keep your shed clean and orderly. There are so many uses for wire baskets, so be sure to use them wisely. Read on to discover more about their usefulness.

If you are a crafty person, you probably have extra paint cans and caulking tubes lying around. You can reuse these by using them as shelves in your shed. You can also use them to store small accessories, such as miscellaneous screws and brads. These containers also come in clear so that you can easily see what you are storing inside. You can also use them as circular storage to store items such as sleeping bags or small foldable chairs.

Using wire baskets as DIY shed organization ideas is a great way to keep your shed organized and make it more efficient. They can help you find items quickly, as well as prevent overflow. These are also an affordable and easy way to organize your shed.

PVC pipes

If you’re looking for some inexpensive storage ideas for your garden shed, you should consider utilizing PVC pipe. These pipes are available at your local home improvement store and can be reused in numerous ways around the home. They can be refurbished to make a variety of storage items, including hair dryer and toothbrush holders, toy storage, and garage organization.

PVC pipes can also be used to hang various tools. You can use small pieces of PVC pipe for hanging hammers, screwdrivers, and other tools. They are low-profile and won’t stick out from the wall. In addition, they work great for holding items with handles, like clamps and nails.

PVC pipes can also be used to make tape dispensers. These are great for storage of craft materials, like scissors, and they’re sturdy and durable. This type of storage is also helpful for children’s toys. You can even make a PVC pipe pencil case, which looks like the handle of a light saber.

Wooden crates

If you are looking for ways to organize your DIY shed, consider using wooden crates. These containers are a great storage option and can be bought at most home improvement and craft stores. They can easily be moved from one place to another, and they’re also easy to stack. They’re also perfect for hanging heavy equipment and bicycles. To organize them, simply paint them different colors and label them to help you find them easily.

Wooden crates are also ideal for kitchen storage. They can be lined with cloth to keep clothing neat and organized. They can also be used as storage for linens and other necessities. In addition, they make great storage solutions for storing firewood. You can even use them as towel racks in your bathroom.

Wooden crates can be made from a variety of materials. You can use inexpensive pine or whitewood that is readily available off the shelf. Choose a thickness that is appropriate for the size of your crate. You can also use 3/4-inch plywood for the ends, but it’s important to note that this option will require more cutting. The exposed plywood edge will show on the finished crate. Cut the ends using a jisaw, circular saw, or miter saw.

Magnetic strips

Magnetic strips are a great tool to have on hand if you are organizing your shed. They can help keep metal tools organized and out of your way. You can also install them on the walls of your shed, making it easy to locate what you need quickly. They are an inexpensive and convenient way to organize your tools and save space in your shed.

Magnetic strips are great for organizing garden tools, too. The strips look like rolls of tape, and can be used to hang tools. They can also help keep your hoses and cords organized. If you are short on space, you can use a DIY magnetic strip to hang a few tools on the strip.

Magnetic strips are also a great way to store small items such as drill bits. You can also use them to store hand tools and paint brushes.

Wall racks

A DIY shed organization idea that’s easy to implement is to use wall racks. These are great for holding all kinds of tools and items. They can be left natural or painted and installed on a wall with screws. Pallets can also be a great place to store hammers, nails, clamps, and other items that have a handle.

Hooks are also useful for hanging extension cords and hoses. If left lying around on the floor, these items can take up a lot of floor space and can be a hazard. Steel hooks from Shepherd Hardware are inexpensive and will allow you to hang a variety of items.

Another DIY shed organization idea is using adjustable shelves. Adjustable shelves are great because they can be adjusted for different heights. They are also ideal for holding plastic tubs. They’re also durable and come with grated bottoms.