There are many ways to organize your home using containers from The Container Store. From using Lazy Susans to creating bin clip labels, there are many ways to utilize this store’s products. You can also use these products to create dividers or as dish drying racks. Whatever you use them for, they will be sure to improve your home organization.

Lazy Susans

A Lazy Susan can be a handy addition to your kitchen storage. They are especially useful in kitchen cabinets with deep shelves. You can use them to corral items such as baking supplies, oils, vinegars, and other liquids. You can also use them to store everyday toiletries.

A Lazy Susan is a great home organization idea because it allows you to scan the entire shelf for an item you’re looking for. This makes it easier to find items, and it lets you know when you need to restock. The key to using a lazy Susan is to find the right size one for the area and store the right items.

There are several theories as to why the lazy Susan was given its name. One theory says that it was first used as a dumbwaiter in the 1700s, so that waiters didn’t have to bend down to serve their customers. Other stories say that Thomas Jefferson invented it for his home to store condiments.

A Lazy Susan is also a great container store organization idea. You can organize your spices by use with different sections, such as baking spices and Italian seasoning. Then you can easily access the spice you need right away. Another great use for a Lazy Susan is to store kids’ craft supplies.

Bin clip labels

Bin clip labels are a great way to take container store organization to a whole new level. They can be used to label your bins, and they can help you set up a system that will make your life easier for years to come. Bin labels can be printed on sticker paper, cut to size, and stuck to the bin. They come with more than ninety labels for every toy category.

Another great way to organize your bins and baskets is to use clip labels. These little labels clip into the handle opening on storage containers, and they can even extend over the top edge. They come in a modern birch color, and they’d look great in a laundry room. If you’re looking for more personalized labels, you can purchase handwritten ones at The Home Edit.

You can print labels on any type of paper, and then laminate them using a laminating machine or clear contact paper. You can also use bin clips or Velcro dots to attach them to the bins. They work best on bins with a smooth surface. However, if you’re using a canvas or handle bin, use ring binder clips. The labels can be inserted easily on bin clips, so you won’t have to worry about them coming off.

Lazy Susans as dividers

If you have a small space, lazy Susans are an excellent solution for organizing small items. You can use these dividers in the pantry, under the sink, and other hard-to-reach areas of your home. You can also use them to store liquids, oils, vinegars, and other small items. Whether you need storage for kitchen supplies or cleaning supplies, lazy Susans are the perfect solution.

Lazy Susans come in several sizes and materials. A nine-inch-wide version is perfect for small cabinets, drawers, or countertops. It is also attractive and durable. And because it rotates smoothly, you can easily pull out the bins when you need them.

Lazy Susans as dish drying rack

When you shop for dish drying racks at a container store, look for one that features a heavy-duty design. These are great for using under the kitchen sink and in lower cabinets. They are sturdy and will spin easily and hold many items. Plus, they are fun to spin.

In addition to their use as a drying rack, lazy Susans are also useful countertop organizers. They will free up counter space, and the wooden tray is perfect for storing napkins and electronics that shouldn’t be exposed to moisture. The Lazy Susan will also look nice on your counters and in your cabinetry.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a drying rack, consider buying an all-white set of mugs. They’re an exceptional value and will save you space. Plus, they’re dishwasher-safe, so you won’t have to worry about dirty mugs or pots.

Roll-up dish drying rack

Whether you’re trying to organize your kitchen or you’re short on counter space, a roll-up dish drying rack can be an ideal solution. Many of these units have expandable trays, and can offer additional drying space if you have large cookware. They can be stored easily and are very convenient for your kitchen. However, you should be sure to clean them regularly to avoid mildew, bacteria, and mold. To do this, you can use regular dish soap.

Stainless steel is a sturdy material, but it can also scratch countertops and kitchenware. If you’re worried about rusting or scratching surfaces, choose a plastic-coated dish rack instead. Plastic is not as durable, but it doesn’t scratch surfaces and won’t rust. Many dish racks are a combination of metal and plastic materials.

Another great option is a bamboo dish drying rack. These can be purchased for as little as $8 online, or even cheaper at a discount store. These can be placed inside your kitchen cabinets or on top of your counter. They’re also dishwasher-safe, which saves you space while drying dishes.

If you’re looking for a dish drying rack that fits over the sink, you can consider the Neat-O Deluxe Chrome-Plated Dish Drying Rack. It offers multiple compartments for all of your dishes, and even has four designated hooks for wine glasses. The two-tiered drying rack is deep enough for all types of dishes, and the wide drying mat allows you to dry larger pieces of cookware, such as pots and pans.

When choosing a roll-up dish drying rack, remember to choose one with a sturdy bottom and a swivel spout. A flat rack can cause the dishes to fall, and is risky.