Desk drawer organizers are an excellent way to keep all of your supplies organized. These specialized organizers come with clear compartments that make finding your supplies easy. They also have ridges along the bottom that help the tray stay in place when opening a drawer. These organizers are great for home or office storage.

The Container Store

If you need some extra storage in your desk, you can consider a desk drawer organizer from The Container Store. These organizers come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate all kinds of items. They are an easy way to keep your desktop free of clutter, and they are very stylish. If you want to keep them looking new, you can wash them with soap and water, or use a plastic polisher to clean them.

Desk drawer organizers

If you’re tired of looking for your keys, wallet, or notebook in a cluttered desk drawer, you might consider getting desk drawer organizers from The Container Store. These storage solutions come with two nine-compartment trays and ten preprinted labels. You can also buy a set of ten blank labels to customize your organizers.

Quick access to supplies

If you need to organize supplies and utensils for your desk, you may want to invest in a desk drawer organizer. These convenient storage solutions are made of durable plastic and feature compartments for tape, paper clips, and notepads. The organizer measures about 1″ high and has nine compartments. The compartments are positioned in a convenient fashion to provide quick access to your supplies.

The Container Store offers many options for desk drawer organizers, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs. You can also use modular inserts to maximize storage space. Moreover, you can use over-the-door shoe hangers to organize your shoes and stackable containers to maximize space. These items are not only convenient, but also affordable. They can be purchased online and at local stores.


The Container Store offers a variety of desk organizers, office storage products, and accessories. You can find everything from designer desktop collections to cable management solutions and more. If you are looking for an affordable way to organize your desk and keep it looking professional, consider buying one of their desk drawer organizers.