The first step to closet organization is to do a thorough clean-out of your closet. Sort out and donate any castoffs. Next, organize your clothes by type and hang them up high to prevent them from dragging the floor. Also, remember to hang long items from a high enough hook so that they don’t drag down the walls. Another clever idea from Arent & Pyke: line the back wall of their closet with cool fabric or wallpaper scraps.

Budget-friendly closet organization

One of the best ways to make your closet more organized is to add some bins. These can hold your accessories, workout clothes, and shoes. You can also label the bins to help you find items quickly. It doesn’t have to cost much, but it will help you stay organized. There are many great options available for closet organization that won’t break your budget.

Using inexpensive, yet effective, closet organization products can make your closet look neat and tidy. These products include shelves, cabinets, bins, and racks, as well as labels. All it takes is one or two of these products to make your closet more organized. By adding just a few of these items, you can transform your closet and clear out the clutter. There are also many great, budget-friendly organization hacks you can do yourself, and most won’t take much time at all.

Using specific hangers to organize pants and other pants items will also maximize your closet space. Unlike traditional hangers, pants hangers have an open end that allows them to hang flat against each other, and they are ideal for minimizing closet space. Using hook organizers is another budget-friendly closet organization idea.

Another budget-friendly closet organization idea involves putting baskets in your closet. They can hold scarves, hats, and other small accessories. You can also install an overhead shelf. A wire bin can store small accessories. A small towel rack is also a great way to organize jewelry and beauty products. You can also use clear plastic file holders to store beauty products or accessories.

For a more affordable option, you can even hack an Ikea closet. They are affordable and come with step-by-step video instructions. If you’re not up for a DIY project, you can always purchase an inexpensive shelving unit. DIY closet organization is an excellent option if you don’t have much time or money.

You can even use shower rods as shoe racks. You can even paint them any color to make your closet more attractive. You might need several rods if you wear high heels often. For more organization ideas, you can buy clear bins and stack them to maximize shelf space. These bins will look chic and add more shelf space.

Easy to install

One of the best ways to make your closet look more attractive is by installing a closet organization system. These systems can help you save space and keep things organized. You can also add a trash can or a “Donate” bin to keep your items separated. These ideas can also inspire you to organize other areas of your home.

Some of the easiest closet organization ideas involve installing new shelves and drawers. You can also install pegboards and slide-out bins, which are great for storing small clothing items. Using clear plastic file holders to store beauty products or small items is another great solution. Or, you can use pre-built shelves to organize your items by color or type.

Another simple and affordable way to make your closet more functional is to install closet dividers. You can separate your clothes by size, color, or season with these products. The dividers can also be used to keep your hangers organized. The added benefit is that you won’t have to hunt through piles of clothing.

You can also install an accessory hanger on the back of the door to organize small items. You can buy these accessories at your local hardware store. They come with heavy-duty hooks and a non-slip coating. This closet organization hack is sure to become your go-to solution for closet organization.

To make your closet more efficient, you should begin by decluttering. You can start by sorting your clothes into groups and getting rid of the unnecessary items. You can donate the unwanted items or simply throw them away. You can also make your closet more stylish by installing open shelves, which you can fill with folded clothes, jewelry organizers, or bins.

Another easy to install closet organization idea is to install adjustable shelving. This is a great option if your closet is not too large or too narrow. You can adjust the height of the rods to accommodate different clothes.


Closet organization doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can buy special hangers to store your clothes. For example, you can use pants hangers which slide onto each other. You can also get a coat rack that you can place in the corner of your bedroom. If you want to organize your closet even more, you can add a rack for your shoes.

Open shelves in your closet can easily get cluttered if you have a lot of smaller items. You can buy matching storage containers to store small items. They come in various sizes so you can display them in your closet or tuck them away inside larger boxes. Alternatively, you can purchase a large storage trunk to store extra items.

Before you begin, clean out the closet thoroughly. You can donate clothes that you no longer use, and reorganize items by type. Make sure to hang long items high, so they don’t drag on the floor. You can also add some extra products like a hat rack, display shelves, or clothing separators.

To make your closet look better, you can use shelves with lights. This will highlight your favorite pieces, drawing attention to clean areas of your closet and making your closet appear more organized. You can also use baskets that slide on shelves to hide items you don’t want on display. By using these accessories, you’ll be able to save time when cleaning your closet.

Closet organizers don’t have to be expensive. You can also build them yourself if you know how to do it right. Some manufacturers sell affordable, stylish shelves. These shelves can even be made from wood! Just make sure to use a level when building shelves. If you’re not comfortable with installing DIY closet organizers, you can opt for an easier manufactured storage option like Elfa.

Another cheap and convenient way to organize your closet is to use portable storage containers. They’re not only practical, but they’re also very stylish. These storage containers are great for storing all kinds of stuff and can be delivered on a schedule. You can use them in different rooms of your home and make them match your existing decor.


To get your closet organized, start by measuring your space and eliminating any problems areas. Then, use storage containers of varying sizes to hold your small items. These containers can be either featured in your closet, or nested inside larger boxes. This will allow you to find just what you need quickly.

Wood boxes are an excellent way to organize your closet contents. You can add them to your closet with rods for easy access. Alternatively, you can also purchase basket drawers or pull-out drawers to keep your items organized. Another great idea is to add shelving and cubbies to your closet so that you can keep your small items out of sight.

Another option is to buy store-bought closet organizers. Some companies even have online design tools that allow you to create your own custom closets. This can be a cost-effective way to organize your closet and save money at the same time. Once you have your closet organized, you can enjoy a clutter-free space!

You can also use wire shelving to maximize recessed spaces in your closet. This kind of shelving is available in different sizes and widths, and you can cut it to the length that you want. Then, mount it with plastic clips or end mounting brackets. This will double your storage space!

Another great option for custom closet organization ideas is to use Elfa closet systems. These systems are designed to fit into walk-in closets, laundry rooms, linen closets, and other spaces. Elfa makes installation easy and affordable. But be sure to check the measurements carefully before you start building and use a level to keep everything straight.