Whether you are looking to organize your laundry room or need some extra space, there are many storage solutions available. You can use baskets, glass containers, Tilt-out cabinets, and even clothes racks. You can also double the use of space by placing a folding table or an extra shelf.


Baskets are a great storage solution for a laundry room. They’re versatile and can double as portable clothes baskets. You can keep clean clothes in one and dirty ones in another. You can also use them to organize cleaning supplies. You can also use them to hold dirty clothes in a hurry.

When choosing baskets for storage in your laundry room, consider the material. Most are made from plastic or wicker. Plastic ones are lightweight and easy to move from one room to another. Metal baskets usually feature powder-coating, which protects them from rust and corrosion. Despite their lightweight design, wicker baskets are also easy to maintain.

Open shelving in your laundry room is also a great solution. It offers a variety of open storage and makes finding items easy. You can also add removable cloth liners to your baskets for easy washing. Baskets also make for attractive containers and are a good choice for storing dirty clothes and fresh linens.

When choosing storage containers, remember that organization is the key to having an orderly space. Try matching wire or wicker baskets to keep everything together. Another good idea is to keep dryer sheets in a tissue box cover, which will look neat when they’re out of the box. Make sure to use labels for your items to make them easy to find.

Tilt-out cabinets

If you’re looking for laundry room storage solutions, you’ve come to the right place. Tilt-out cabinets are an excellent choice, as they can conceal dirty clothes and help you sort them easily. They are available in multiple finishes and can be built into a cabinet behind a door. Depending on your needs, tilt-out cabinets may also include a removable liner.

Adding a tilt-out cabinet to your laundry room will help you save space and keep your clothes organized, and will prevent dirt and dust from getting onto your clean clothes. These units are easy to assemble and are built of high-quality materials. They come with all of the necessary hardware needed to mount them.

Tilt-out cabinets can vary in size, so it’s important to choose the right size for your room. Consider how many people will be using the room and the type of washer and dryer set up in your home. You can also choose cabinets with special features. For instance, if you have a front-load washing machine, you may want to choose a tilt-out cabinet with a door that swings open.

After assembling the frame, you’ll need to add dividers. You’ll want to measure the inside dimensions of the cabinet, and use a piece of scrap wood as a pattern. Be sure to allow about 3/8″ overhang on each side and front. Then, attach the plywood base with a pair of 2″ wood screws, making sure to keep the back edges flush with the base.

Glass containers

Investing in glass containers for your laundry room is an excellent way to keep everything neat and organized. They are attractive and can double as stylish storage solutions. Glass jars are also a great option for storing small items. Not only are they ideal for candies, but they can also be used as clothes racks or installed on the side of a shelving unit.

In small laundry rooms, it is important to maximize storage space. Decorative glass beakers can also be used to store laundry supplies, such as detergent. This will save space in your laundry room, and your laundry supplies will be easy to access. You can also use glass mason jars for mixing your laundry supplies.

Glass jars can also be used to store laundry detergent and pods. They can also be labeled to show the contents. Alternatively, you can purchase glass laundry jars from The Container Store. These jars are easy to open, and you can label the lids to make your laundry more convenient.

Another good option for laundry room storage is a laundry pedestal with storage drawers. These can serve as a place to hang clothes while preventing them from getting tangled up.

Clothes racks

A clothes rack can be used as a storage option in the laundry room. These racks can be freestanding or attached to a wall. Freestanding clothes racks are easy to install and can be a great option for small spaces. They also double as a great way to hang your clothes to dry.

A wooden cabinet frame and plastic laundry baskets are needed for the look, but you can also use a rotating display tray to store laundry detergent and cleaning products. This will make finding these products easier. You can even purchase a unit with wheels to move it from one place to another.

In addition to hanging clothes, drying racks can also be used as storage solutions. This is especially useful in a small laundry room. You can either use wire shelves with hanging bars or install a wooden drying rack with tension rods below. Just be sure to leave enough room to hang your clothes. Another great option for small spaces is a freestanding drying rack. Alternatively, a folding drying rack can be installed on a door or wall.


There are several ways to utilize cabinets as laundry room storage solutions. One simple solution is to create a narrow shelf that can be pulled out of the cabinet and used for laundry items. The shelf uses turned shelf supports and provides convenient quick access to laundry items. You can also install an open cabinet above the shelf for overflow storage. And you can also install hooks to hold up laundry items.

While cabinets are great for keeping your laundry room neat and tidy, open storage spaces are helpful for organizing and sorting items. You can easily convert regular cabinet doors to open shelving and use baskets for sorting the laundry. You can even use baskets labeled with family members’ names to further organize your laundry.

Another option is to use paneled doors on your cabinets. These give your laundry room a traditional charm. These cabinets are more space efficient than base cabinets, and you can use them to store cleaning supplies that are not safe to keep in plain sight. And if you don’t have a countertop, you can use the space above the washer and dryer to place open shelving. This option is convenient and prevents spills between the washer and dryer.


Using carts as laundry room storage solutions can help you keep your laundry room clutter free and organized. Make sure that the carts you choose are large enough to hold the items that you need to store. In addition, choose carts that have wheels for easy transportation. You can also choose carts that are made of durable materials that can withstand the humidity and heat of the laundry room.

You can choose laundry carts that come with four shelves and an extra compartment on top. These carts are built to withstand the weight of a washer and dryer. They are also sturdy and feature shock resistance. The sleek design of these carts lends a chic industrial touch to your space. These carts can be used in almost any type of laundry room.

Most washing machines and dryers are installed in a small corner, leaving little room for cabinets. In such a case, a slim supply cart with wheels can fit neatly next to the machines. It can hold items like detergent and fabric softener. You can also tuck away less-used items in the bottom of the cart.