Poppin seat box

The Poppin seat box is an amazing space saver, especially when it’s not in use. It supports up to 275 pounds when open and is perfect for storing toys and video game controllers. It’s also great for offering extra seating when needed. The Home Edit involves editing and deleting 26 items from your home. Professional organizers recommend that you get rid of up to two-thirds of your stuff.

Stackable clear bins

If you are looking for an organizer that can help you keep everything organized in your home, consider the Stackable clear bins from The Home Edit. These durable, stackable plastic bins feature a divider and integrated handles. Designed for smaller items, the Stackable bins will make it easy to reach your essentials.

These stackable bins are made from shatter-resistant plastic and are made with a BPA-free finish. They can be used to organize any type of item, from kitchen supplies to toiletries and even cosmetics. Because they are stackable, they will sit neatly on your pantry shelf and are durable.

Handwritten labels

The Home Edit women believe that the things you use should be easily accessible, so they use clear containers and bins. They also add labels to make the items more visible. You can also use labels for decorative baskets to make them more functional. These ladies have even created a line of handwritten labels to help you keep your stuff in order. Each label is written in Clea’s unique handwriting to add a personal touch.

The Home Edit is a five-year-old home organization company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Last year, they launched an exclusive collection of storage containers. In addition to their exclusive storage containers, The Container Store now carries their line of Get Organized by The Home Edit products. You can use these organizers to keep all of your things in place.

Color-coding systems

A color-coding system is a great way to organize things. You can use color-coded storage containers to keep all of your items in one spot, and you can also color code items in your pantry. This is a great way to keep your cabinets and drawers tidy and easy to find.

Concealed storage boxes

The Home Edit drawer organizer with concealed storage boxes is a modern solution for storing your home essentials. Designed in collaboration with iDesign and Clea & Joanna Gaines, this product line is practical and fuss-free. Its design is ideal for small spaces and includes 4 clear stacking bins, 2 large bins and two 10″ turntables.

The drawers are stackable and make organizing items easy. They are made from BPA-free plastic and feature a removable clear divider for easy access. These organizers are also BPA-free and come in an array of colors. You can customize your storage system to fit your space, style, or personality.