If you want to explore Viper Island, you’ve come to the right place. Explore Viper Island attractions including its Forest Museum, Anthropological Museum, and Water Sports Complex. The easiest way to visit these and other sights is on a tour. Viper Island tours provide an easy way to see everything Viper Island has to offer.

Viper Island

Viper Island is located in the Andaman Islands. It is part of the South Andaman district of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The island has a population of about 450 people. The island has a variety of places to visit. These include the island’s museums, botanical gardens, and nature reserve.

Viper Island is accessible by boat or by car. It is 45 minutes away from Port Blair. You can also take a harbour cruise from Havelock Island to Viper Island. Viper Island is a beautiful, historic island that welcomes visitors all year round. It is best to book a trip to Viper Island well in advance in order to avoid missing out on any of its attractions.

One of the most historic places to visit on Viper Island is the British jail. The ruins of the jail are preserved as a reminder of the bitter conditions of the prisoners of the British. On the island, you can also witness beautiful views of the harbor and neighboring islands. There is also a light and sound show that takes place every night.

Another place to visit in Viper Island is the ruins of a gallows. It was once a place for political prisoners. In 1789, Lt. Archibald Blair arrived at the islands and established a penal settlement. Since then, the island has evolved into a secluded tourist destination, surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque views.

Viper Island is a small island located in the Andaman Islands, just west of Port Blair. It used to be the site of a British jail, where prisoners were tortured to death. The ruins of the prison were discovered nearby.


Viper Island is a small island in the Andaman Sea that was once home to a British jail. During the 1800s, prisoners were held there in a cellular prison and tortured until their death. A visit to the Viper Island Jail will help you understand the history of the island. The Viper Island Jail was built in 1864 and gradually declined in importance after the construction of the Cellular Jail in 1906. Today, the guardhouse is a two-story building.

The jail is a place of despair for many freedom fighters. The British in 1858 built a penal settlement near the town of Port Blair, and soon began construction of the Viper Chain Gang Jail. It was designed as a harsh prison with individual cells, stocks, whipping stands, and solitary cells. It was the jail where the famed freedom fighter Brij Kishor Singh Deo died.

Viper Island is a relatively small island, so tourists should be aware that there is a limited amount to do and see on the island. It is advisable to visit the island with a group, especially during peak season. While exploring the island, visitors should stay away from bushes and ruins. If possible, visitors should leave the island before sunset. Since the island has no restaurants, tourists should pack a quick lunch to eat on the island.

Viper Island is a great place to explore on your trip to the Andaman Islands. Located just off the coast of Port Blair, Viper Island has a fascinating history. It was a prison during the British rule and was home to political prisoners. Today, it is a tourist destination in India.

Light show

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Other landmarks

Viper Island, located off the coast of Port Blair, is a small, beautiful island with a diverse range of attractions. The island is famous for its Hilltop Gallows, Ancient Buildings, and Beach, as well as for its Light and Sound Show. Its landmarks are often featured in films and music videos. For instance, the Viper Room was featured in the movie “Daisy Jones and the Six.”

Roller coaster

Viper is one of the most iconic roller coasters in the United States. It was so iconic that it was featured on America’s Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills VHS tapes. Unfortunately, the ride was closed due to fading popularity and was eventually demolished in 2005. The station building was later used for the new roller coaster, El Toro.

The Viper is similar to the Coney Island Cyclone, with its final turn leading into a long straight brake run. It also features a second turn around a peaks in the middle of the ride, which leads to a double-down drop. The layout is also similar to that of King’s Island Vortex, though it is a little less terrifying and does not adjust the inversion scale.

Viper is a wooden roller coaster that opened in 1995 at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. The layout of the ride mirrors the layout of the Coney Island Cyclone, which opened in the same park in 1904. Since then, this is the only Viper roller coaster to be built directly by Six Flags. All other Vipers were steel roller coasters built by Rygiel Construction.