If you’re planning a trip to Ore City, TX, you may be wondering what areas and attractions are in the vicinity. This list of towns can help you plan a trip to the area. The list below includes cities within 100 miles of Ore City. These cities are great options for day trips from Ore City.

Cannon Beach

The coastal town of Cannon Beach offers a number of dining options, including coffee houses, wine bars, and pubs. A popular local brewery, the Pelican Brewery, has been making award-winning ales since 1996. Its beers are named for elements of the area, including the town’s citrusy Sea Hops. Guests can also enjoy its signature sparkle hops, made with sparkling water and natural flavors.

The area is best visited between July and September. However, be aware that the weather in the region is not quite as warm as you would like. Although summertime temperatures can reach the upper 70s and 80s, there can be many rainy days. Nonetheless, Cannon Beach offers ample opportunities to enjoy the sun.

Visitors to Cannon Beach will be impressed by the picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean. You’ll also enjoy the area’s famous landmark, Haystack Rock, rising directly from the shoreline. At low tide, beachgoers can easily walk up to the 235-foot-high rock. The area is also known for its diverse birdlife, including tufted puffins.

Aside from the beautiful natural surroundings, Cannon Beach also offers a number of other attractions. There are dozens of art galleries and boutiques, a small aquarium, and even a zip-line tour. The community also offers various entertainment options, including the local community theater.

Cannon Beach is a small town on the Oregon coast that is surrounded by dramatic rock formations and beautiful beaches. It is a perfect getaway from the hectic city life of Portland and Salem. While it’s known for its beaches, it also has interesting historical sites, including those connected to the Tillamook Indians and the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Another popular attraction in Cannon Beach is the legendary Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. This lighthouse was commissioned in 1878 and took 500 days to complete. It has an ominous nickname because of the stormy seas surrounding it. However, the lighthouse is no longer open to the public.

While enjoying the natural scenery, visitors should not miss the opportunity to get a glimpse of the ocean and its wildlife. The Cannon Beach History Center & Museum also offers a range of events throughout the year, including lectures, concerts, and field trips. While touring the town, tourists should not miss Oswald West State Park, where they can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Oregon coast.

Hug Point State Recreation Site is a 43-acre recreational site bordered by Ecola and Oswald West State Parks. Hug Point is so named because it was once so treacherous that stagecoaches were forced to ‘hug’ around the corner during low tide. Today, visitors can enjoy hiking and biking along the coast, as well as the rocky shores of Arch Cape.

Oswald West State Park

Oswald West State Park is a beautiful four-mile stretch of coast surrounded by lush, temperate forest. It is a popular spot for hikers and surfers, and features miles of secluded beach and trails that lead to the Pacific Ocean. This park is located two hours west of Portland and offers a variety of recreational activities.

The park is also home to the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve, which preserves a shoreline two miles out into the Pacific. Other attractions in the park include Neahkahnie Mountain and Short Sands Beach. Hikers will also love the park’s trails, which include the Oregon Coast Trail.

For hiking enthusiasts, there is the Cape Falcon Trail, a 4.5-mile loop that winds through lush forest and past coastal meadows. The trail also has beautiful views of Neahkahnie Mountain and Cape Falcon. The trail is often muddy, so take your time when walking it.

Oswald West State Park is located near Arch Cape, Oregon. This 2,448-acre park is a popular place to hike, picnic, and enjoy the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. You can find several parking lots at the park, which is located on both sides of Highway 101.

Oswald West State Park is home to two easy-to-follow trails. One of these trails leads to Short Sand Beach, and the other leads to Cape Falcon. The trail crosses Short Sand Creek several times and features picnic tables. A trailhead is also available along the trail.

Oswald West State Park is home to the famous Short Sands Beach, one of the best surfing beaches in Oregon. The exposed surf break consistently produces good waves. However, you should keep in mind that this is not a swimming beach and does not have lifeguards. Moreover, you can also visit the Cape Falcon Overlook, which offers panoramic views of the coastline.

Oswald West State Park is also a popular place for hikers. Its paved trails make hiking a breeze. You can enjoy the scenic coastal views and a waterfall engulfing the landscape. During your visit to the park, you will also have the chance to take in some local history. For more information, visit Neahkahnie net.

The Painted Hills are another popular destination for hikers and campers. It is located near an abandoned ghost ship. Camping in this area is a must! During your stay, you should also make time for some great food in the Sisters Coffee Company, the Meat and Smokehouse, and the Sno Cap Drive In. A trip to these locations is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget!

Multnomah Falls is another spectacular attraction. The 627-foot Multnomah Falls is one of the most popular natural recreation areas in the Pacific Northwest. The park features a 26-mile-long through-trail that is popular with mountain bikers and hikers.

Lake O’the Pines

If you’re in the mood for a getaway in a picturesque place, you can visit Ore City, Texas. The city is located in Upshur County. It’s a small town that has everything you could possibly need, from beautiful beaches to fine dining.

There’s a lot to do in Lake O’the Pines, including fishing and boating. With more than 17,000 acres of water, this lake is home to a variety of fish species. There are also multiple boat launch ramps, some of which are free.

This Ore City vacation rental is pet-friendly. It features 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and air conditioning. Other amenities include a fenced yard and a television. Linens are provided for each guest’s use. Check-in time is after 4 PM, and check-out time is at 11 AM.

Lake O’the Pines is popular with retirees and snowbirds. Several campgrounds are located in the area. Many have RV and tent sites with hookups. There are also undeveloped areas that are ideal for camping. Several of the campgrounds are run by the USACE. These campgrounds offer many services, including live bait, parking, and courtesy docks. A number of trails are located near the lake, providing an opportunity to explore the area and view wildlife.

The lake also has a diverse fish population, including largemouth bass and spotted bass. The lake also has blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, sunfish, and white crappie. Many of these species are legal to keep. The lake is also home to several quality size species of white and black crappie.

Residents of the area enjoyed going to the lake, and it soon became a favorite pastime for vacationing visitors. Residents also appreciated the tranquility of the lake. The area was soon home to many resorts. As the water level increased, so did the number of people going to the lake.

Lake O’the Pines is a popular destination for people who love to camp. The city is located in Upshur County, Texas. The area is also well-known for its fishing. During the summer, the campground is full of residents and visitors. The lake is home to more than 200 boats.

The lake is accessible from US 259, which runs north and south. FM 450 runs along the south shore. FM 1968 and 968 also cross the lake. Camping areas have water and electricity. There are also primitive campgrounds at Cedar Springs and Brushy Creek. It is possible to enjoy a lakeside picnic, boating, or fishing trip.