Corten steel planters come in different sizes. Some are as small as 37cm by 37cm, while others can be 200cm by 200cm. They are also available with feet to give them a secondary dimension and height. The planters also have rounded edges, which make them safer for public spaces and commercial projects.

Cost of corten steel planter boxes

Corten steel planters and raised beds are made from a durable material that resists rusting. Their oxidized coating helps to slow down the corrosion process and reinforces the metal itself. However, the steel is not completely resistant to rusting, so be sure to consider the surrounding climate when choosing a design.

Corten steel planter boxes are durable and can last a few decades to a century. They are also eco-friendly. The only metal that will get into the soil is the iron found in the steel, which is useful to plants because it helps them produce chlorophyll. The protective coating of the material also means that it is less likely to leak.

Corten steel planter boxes are cheaper than wooden planters and are relatively easy to assemble. They come with all the hardware you need to complete the project. Once completed, the planters can be filled with soil or planting mix. Corten planters are ideal for a variety of plants.

These boxes are an excellent way to add a modern, rustic look to your landscape. Rusted steel planter boxes usually feature a long rectangular design and a simple, trendy style. Corten steel planter boxes are also versatile, offering you the option to incorporate other landscaping elements to further enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. You can even combine them with dividers, bench-tops, and trellises.

Corten planter boxes have a natural rust patina that will change over time. You can also paint them, but you should be aware that paint may alter the oxidised patina of the metal. While this may make the boxes appear darker and more noticeable, it is not essential. It is best to test them in a small area first to make sure that they are paint-safe.

Durability of corten steel

The first thing you need to know about Corten steel planters is that they are designed to rust. The protective coating on these planters and raised beds slows the rusting process and reinforces the metal. This means that you can leave your planters out year round. This feature is especially important if you have an area that is exposed to salt, which will slow down the rusting process.

The next thing you should know about Corten steel is that its outer rust layer will protect it from further weathering. This feature makes Corten Steel ideal for garden planters and other outdoor objects like fire bowls and log burners. This material is inexpensive and will last for many years.

Corten steel planters are also an excellent choice for those with limited outdoor space. They can look beautiful and last for many years with minimal maintenance. They are also eco-friendly, as they are made from recycled materials. Plus, they can be used in a variety of ways, including water-wise landscaping.

Unlike other materials, Corten steel is easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. In addition to its durability, you can also fill corten planters with deep-green plants. As long as you remember to hose them down after heavy rain or a storm, you can rest assured that your Corten planter will stay beautiful for many decades.

Corten steel planters have a very distinctive aesthetic appeal. They can be used in any outdoor area, and their streamlined appearance makes them a great choice for commercial and domestic landscaping projects. In addition, these planters can be used for bench tops and trellises. They are even great for patios.

Corten steel is a tough metal, providing exceptional corrosion resistance. It also develops a protective layer of rust, which helps it last longer. The rust is naturally occurring and does not require painting. It forms a beautiful patina over time. The natural rusting process also protects the raw steel underneath.

Corten steel is a naturally oxidized steel alloy and is a popular choice for outdoor projects. Its patina-like appearance and durability make it ideal for planting schemes. Additionally, it is extremely long-lasting, requiring only occasional maintenance. If left outdoors, it will turn a beautiful bronze color.

Placement of corten steel planter boxes

Corten steel planter boxes can be placed in a variety of places around your home. They can serve as the focal point of an area, create a unified look, flank doors and flank a walkway. They can also be used to hold shrubs and vegetables. These planters also look great when used in conjunction with corten steel garden edging.

Corten steel is durable and will weather over time. However, it is not recommended for use in coastal areas, as salt will inhibit the rusting process. For this reason, it is recommended to use thicker steel than thin. Although the latter is more expensive, it will last longer. However, it should be noted that a warranty is not available for this material, so you’ll have to be willing to accept this risk if you choose to place one in your yard.

Corten steel is a unique type of steel that is capable of forming a protective layer over time. Its corrosion resistance is greater than that of normal steel, which can fade over time. It also develops a rustic look that looks beautiful. Corten steel planters are highly functional, and they can last for years without losing their appeal.

When placing corten steel planter boxes, be sure to choose the right location. You should place them on dirt or grass, rather than on pavement, because the metal will rust over time. If you plan to move them, you can place them on casters to keep them from touching the ground and causing damage to it.