Oversized baskets are a great way to add extra storage to your apartment. They are versatile and can be made from a variety of materials. You can even cover the top of the basket with a throw blanket to hide any clutter. Oversized baskets are also great for storing towels and robes in the bathroom. Clear plastic caddies are also a great alternative to cluttered medicine cabinets and are a great way to keep smaller items organized. You can also use a circular shelf for displaying mail or organizing magazines.

Over-the-door organizers

Over-the-door organizers are an excellent way to store all kinds of items on a tight budget. They can hold anything from your shoes to your cleaning supplies. In addition to their practical functions, they’re cute and easy to place wherever you need them. Over-the-door organizers can be found in a range of materials, including canvas, plastic, and metal.

Storage cubes are an affordable and flexible storage solution that can hold bins and baskets for blankets and books, and can also be used as hidden shoe storage in the entryway. You can also use them to store extra blankets and throw pillows. You can also build your own cubes if you’re handy with tools.

For small apartments, door organizers are an excellent way to make the most of empty space. They are perfect for storing small items and can easily be purchased from many retail stores. Another great way to make the most of a small space is to buy furniture that contains storage compartments. Many furniture pieces now have hidden storage compartments and can be purchased at a lower cost than you might think.

For a small apartment, wall hooks can also help with additional storage space. Towels can be easily stored in low-profile hooks. You can place them near the door, in the bedroom, or even in the closet for easy access. The hooks can also be used to hold accessories that would otherwise clutter the closet.

A sturdy over-the-door shoe organizer can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes. It’s best to purchase one that has adjustable hooks. This way, your shoes won’t slide around. You can also find one that has decorative hooks or nails to secure it on your door.

Under-bed storage

Under-bed storage is a great space-saving solution for studio apartments. You can install risers on an existing bed frame to add hidden storage underneath. This provides extra space for clothing, shoes, and books. There are many types of hidden storage available, including rolling storage units. These units are perfect for apartments with limited space.

You can also purchase a set of three organizers with clear lids and double-way zippers to store clothing, linens, and other items. These organizers are particularly useful if you have many pairs of shoes. You can purchase simple divided boxes or wheeled shoe racks to store your shoes, and some even come with clear plastic bins for storing items like gift wrap.

There are also a variety of storage bins that can be used for under-bed storage. The Tupperware giant bins from Walmart are great for this purpose, thanks to their sturdy lids and clear design. However, if you prefer something more stylish, you can purchase a basket made of handwoven rattan peel. It’s both beautiful and functional.

The size of your storage bin is another important factor to consider. Make sure the bin will fit under your bed frame. A slender bin may not fit, so it’s important to take measurements of your bed frame before shopping. A bin should be about an inch smaller than the frame. The materials used to make the bins should be durable and easy to clean.

Fabric storage bags are another great option for under-bed storage. They are great for storing extra clothing, and the bags fold flat when not in use. Other products you can purchase include Sorbus bins, which feature a transparent window and a zipper up flap in front.

Built-in dining table

The built-in dining table is an excellent space-saving solution. Not only does it provide extra dining space, but it can be folded away and used as a desk in a studio apartment. You can also use the space underneath the table to store your things. This space-saving option will also give your kitchen a stylish look while saving on floor space.

Rolling island

Rolling islands provide an excellent storage solution for a small space. They’re versatile and can be used in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom. And because they’re portable, you can use them for multiple purposes, even in a studio apartment. This is a great storage idea for a studio apartment because you’ll have more space to store things.

Organizing your closet

The challenge of closet organization can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. By following a few simple steps, you can improve the appearance of your closet and keep it clean. Regardless of how small your closet is, there are ways to make it more functional and more organized.

First, start by decluttering. This will free up space for more important items. It will also make you feel more relaxed and organized. Move any large items, like luggage, to a basement closet, hallway closet, or garage. Then, label and categorize your closet items. Next, make three piles: old clothes, unused clothes, and items that can be donated.

Next, clean and organize your clothes. It’s best to donate or sell clothes that are no longer being worn. You’ll also need to clear out any empty hangers. Organize your clothing by season. By doing this, you’ll have an easier time keeping track of what’s in season.

When it comes to hanging clothes, consider using S-shaped hangers for maximum space. This type of hanger prevents wrinkles and has a slim profile. You can also use hanging racks over the closet door to hang belts, scarves, and shoes. Lastly, be creative when it comes to the accessories that you choose to keep in your closet. Using hangers and accessories will make your closet look more organized and spacious.

If you have an open-plan closet, you may not have enough space to hang everything. If possible, you can add a plastic rolling dresser or a small armoire. Adding a rolling rack can also help you keep track of what you’re wearing on a daily basis. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid spending time on sorting out clothes.