If you’re not sure how to organize your makeup, you can try creating your own storage containers. You can make organizers from glass jars by wrapping them in Washi Tape. They’re very easy to create and serve an important organizational purpose. Alternatively, you can create mini cube storage systems. One blogger created a miniature cube storage system that holds her makeup and acrylic paints. Halfway up the cubes, you can add chicken wire to keep the products from falling out.

Acrylic makeup organizers

Acrylic makeup organizers are a great way to organize your makeup. They’re relatively cheap and can be easily cleaned, and are easy to see your contents. They can be made from clear or tinted plastic, and some even come with UV protection. This is particularly helpful because your makeup can become damaged from exposure to direct sunlight.

To clean an acrylic makeup organizer, wipe the surface thoroughly after using makeup. This is especially important if you have a lot of makeup that needs to be stored in it. Make sure to air dry makeup brushes and sponges, and wipe them clean with rubbing alcohol. You can also clean your organizer with a mild dish soap solution or your favorite cleaning product. Once it’s clean, you can put all of your makeup back into the acrylic organizer.

Whether you use compact or full-sized makeup, acrylic makeup organizers can accommodate them all. They usually come with eight different storage places. For example, the classic five-drawer acrylic case features a flat surface, which makes it easier to store smaller products in the drawers.

Cake tray

A cake tray is an excellent way to store and organize smaller makeup items. The tray can hold cups of eyeliners, lipstick, and makeup brushes. There are many ways to customize the tray to fit your specific needs. This organizer is a simple, inexpensive DIY project that doesn’t take much time. Moreover, you can even make it more decorative by painting it.

Another creative way to store your makeup is to use a bundt cake pan. With a couple of towel rods, you can transform the pan into a makeup station. It can easily hold eyeliners and lipstick, and can be used for decluttering your countertop. It can also help you find your makeup easier.

Another DIY makeup organizer idea is to turn scrap wood into a minimalist makeup brush holder. Just drill holes that will fit your brushes. While this will require some extra work, the final product is well worth it. It’s an inexpensive and classy way to organize your everyday makeup supplies. You can even use it as a beautiful accent for your space.

Stackable clear acrylic containers

Stackable clear acrylic containers are a great space-saving solution for your makeup organizer needs. With dividers and drawers, these containers make it easy to see what you’re storing. Plus, they’re easy to clean. They also make a great storage option for large beauty products.

Whether you use a large or small makeup organizer, these containers help you to keep everything organized. You can also display your cosmetics on them and keep your vanity looking neat. These organizers can even be used as decorative pieces for your bathroom. Some people like to display their cosmetics on a floating shelf. Another great option is to create a custom-made modular organizer. You can choose the storage method that best suits your needs and budget.

Another option for a makeup organizer is a carousel. This organizer turns your makeup drawer into a makeup display with the added bonus of a carousel. These organizers also feature extra jars to organize your lipsticks and glosses. You can also separate your cosmetics by color and brand. You can even store your eyeshadow blending brush in the same case as your cosmetics.

Mason jars

Mason jars are a great way to store makeup. You can use them for a variety of purposes, from holding brushes to storing disposable sponges. They are a simple storage solution that is functional and will complement any room. Whether you’re an upcycling fan or a DIY lover, you’ll love using Mason jars to organize your makeup.

Another easy way to organize your makeup is to use empty gift boxes. These can be divided into small compartments and covered with patterned fabric or paper. Makeup bags are also great, because they hold all your beauty essentials in one place, and are often easier to locate. You can also buy an Ikea Alex drawer, which has multiple compartments and categories for storing your makeup.

If your room is small, you can also use a hanging shoe organizer. This makes it easy to see your make-up, and can be placed by a door or corner. Then, you can easily label each compartment for better organization. If you’re on a budget, mason jars are an excellent option. Not only are they inexpensive, they’re also recyclable.

Magnetic board

Magnetic board makeup organizer ideas are a great way to store beauty products and make them easily accessible. You can use a board to hold everything from makeup brushes to eye shadow palettes. These boards also look cute and are a great way to decorate a room. Listed below are a few creative ways to use these boards.

You can also turn old tea sets and other items into makeup organizers. You can also place several small or medium-sized products inside. A spice rack turned into a makeup organizer is another easy DIY project. The rack comes already made and you just need to paint it in the color of your choice. Magnetic boards are also easy to make and don’t require too many materials.

You can also use glass jars as organizers. You can cover them with Washi Tape patterns. These organizers are easy to create and serve their purpose perfectly. In the same way, a bead organizer can also be converted into a makeup palette. Another way to use a board is to create a magnetic makeup organizer with beads. This way, you can store your eyeshadow singles and MAC Paint Pot jars in one convenient place.

IKEA plant potter

You can reuse an IKEA plant potter as a makeup organizer by screwing it into the base of your makeup organizer. It can also be used as a plant stand, if you like. It comes in several colors, including black, white, and grey. The plant stand also doubles as a wall-mounted plant display. You can plant low-maintenance houseplants in it.

If you prefer a plant pot to a makeup organizer, consider purchasing a SKURAR plant pot set. It has a cute design and doubles as a cosmetic organizer. However, if you prefer a plant-based cosmetic organizer that also contains several storage compartments, go for a SOCKER plant pot set. If you’re a busy lady, you can also opt for a utility cart, such as the RASKOG.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are popular because of their ease of use. They can easily be used in small areas and come with different-sized compartments for various makeup items. They also look very pretty on the counter, and you can arrange them by type or category. They double as attractive decor, and are a great way to organize makeup.

Acrylic organizers come in a variety of colors and designs. Acrylic organizers with built-in dividers are useful for organizing long, skinny items. They’re also great for keeping track of eyeliners and mascara. You can even arrange your makeup by color if you prefer. It will become easier for you to locate the right makeup every time.

A tiered tray for makeup is another great idea. You can buy a two or three-tiered tray. Because it’s freestanding, it’s easy to move it to a different spot when you need more storage. You can also get an acrylic one that has individual slots so you can easily find a particular lipstick. It will also protect your brushes from damage and dust.

Divided Lazy Susans are also great for taller items, such as makeup brushes and liquid brush cleaners. They also come with locking latches and keys, and have several compartments to accommodate a variety of makeup items. If you have lots of makeup and skincare products, you can even get a heavy-duty one with adjustable dividers.