Whether you’re dealing with a large toy box or a smaller one, there are tons of cute organization ideas for kids. Some of them include color-coded bins and storage benches and ottomans. Others include colorfully labeled bins and sticky notes. These tips will make the mess in your house look less overwhelming and make the room feel more orderly.

Storage benches and ottomans

Storage benches and ottomans are functional pieces of furniture that provide seating and storage options for a room. They can be used as extra seating for family members, and the storage space underneath is useful for storing blankets, books, and toys. They are often made with a solid wood frame and faux leather upholstery. The faux leather upholstery has decorative stitching and button tufts.

If you’re in the market for a storage ottoman, there are several designs to choose from. One design is a small storage ottoman by Nicole Crowder, a Philadelphia-based designer. It comes in two fabric combinations, one with a tropical green banana leaf motif and the other with a black and white swirl pattern. Both designs are inspired by the designer’s niece. They both have a wooden frame and gold powder-coated steel legs. The top is removable, so you can customize the look and feel of the ottoman.

Another option is an ottoman made from a tree trunk. It has a unique design and is available at a low price. You can also get an elephant storage ottoman, which comes in several different colors.

Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are a cute and versatile way to organize your home. They can be used to store everything from kitchen towels to books. They also add character to bookcases. You can also use hanging baskets for fresh flowers. If you don’t have enough space for a flower arrangement, you can keep the basket empty and use it for other purposes, such as errands.

Aside from being useful storage containers, wicker baskets look great as display pieces. They can serve as bedside tables in your children’s rooms and even make great holiday decorations. They are also great for dividing open shelves. You can label each basket to keep it organized and visible.

If you don’t have enough space for a side table next to the seating area, wicker baskets can be used as a substitute for it. Larger baskets can be used to store blankets or other throw blankets. Wicker baskets can also be used to organize magazines and other small items.

Color-coded bins

Color-coded bins are a great way to organize your child’s toys. Simply think of a few main categories, such as figures, building materials, or dramatic play, and assign each to a different color bin. Color-coded bins are also great for rotating toys. Parents can easily swap out a toy by looking for the bin that has the same color as the toy they wish to replace.

Another way to use color-coding is around the house. For example, organizing books by color will make them look neater. It will also make them easier to find and will increase efficiency. You can even use colored drawer pulls to organize your drawers. This will save you time in the long run.

Sticky notes

Sticky notes are great for capturing ideas and to-do lists without having to use a notebook. The super-sticky variety stays in one spot for longer, and they’re even good for holding artwork. Smaller sticky notes are perfect for use as tabs in folders, while larger ones are great for leaving comments or organizing random ideas.

You can also use sticky notes for presentations. These can be printed out and manipulated using the Post-It app. Kelli explains the concept in her Ditch That Textbook podcast. You can hire Matt to give a presentation if you need help. You can also use sticky notes for party decorations!

To create a new tag, type in the new term and click on an icon to add a color. This will change all of the sticky notes with that tag.

Large candy jars

Large candy jars are cute organization ideas for kids. You can use them for keeping snacks, coffee supplies and other items organized. They are also cute and attractive to display in an open area. Besides, they are easy to put back. You can find them in all different sizes.

To fill the large candy jars, you can use marshmallows, popcorn or gumballs. Starlight mints are also popular. You can even make a candy buffet with eight to twelve jars. These candy organizers cost between $30 and $40, but you can also find them cheaper at flea markets or garage sales.

Using large candy jars for storage can also help you organize craft supplies. The clear glass allows you to easily see the items inside and makes it easier to find the right supplies. Large candy jars also offer a cute display for jewelry and small decorative items.

Ice cube trays

Ice cube trays are great storage units that are perfect for organizing and storing various items. They are great for storing sewing supplies, earring holders, and more. They can also be used with pegboard storage systems to store cotton swabs. For even more storage ideas, you can add candle holders or use them as earring holders.

Another use for ice cube trays is as a cute jewelry organizer. These trays can be easily washed in the dishwasher once they become dusty. Apart from being great for organizing jewelry, ice cube trays are great for other household uses as well. If you don’t like the ice cube tray idea, you can opt for a different one.

Ice cube trays can be used to store liquids and other items that are difficult to store in drawers. They can also be used as molds for homemade candy bars. The best thing about using ice cube trays for this purpose is that you can make any kind of candy bar you want. They are also perfect for preparing smaller snacks and treats.

Metal rods

If you want to organize your bedroom without drilling holes or using nails and adhesive, you can use tension rods. You can buy them at a local hardware store or order them online. Be aware that it might be difficult to install them on a headboard, so you should consider how you plan to attach them.

Leather pouches

If you want to add a little style to your organization efforts, look into leather pouches. These cute storage ideas can be made at home and are a great way to store smaller items. A leather pouch can be painted to match your home decor or made from sturdy fabric. There are many options to choose from.