There are many things to do in Dora, Florida. This central Florida city is home to many lakes, festivals, and antique shops. Visitors can also visit the Mount Dora History Museum, which is housed in a historic fire station from 1923. Other museums include the Museum of Speed, which houses a vast collection of vintage cars and a replica 1940s gas station. For those who enjoy fishing, you can spend an afternoon on Bass-filled Lake Eustis and dine at one of the lake-side restaurants.

Lake Dora

There are many attractions for visitors to Lake Dora, Florida. One of the most popular is the lake, which is part of the Harris Chain of Lakes. The town of Mount Dora is a historical lakeside town that has served as a haven for travelers for nearly 150 years. Its peaceful setting and live oaks give the town a calming effect.

You can also enjoy the area’s natural beauty by taking a bike ride along the picturesque Lakeshore Drive. The road is a two-lane, light-traffic road that hugs the shoreline of Lake Dora. The lakeshore drive runs six miles to Tavares and offers wonderful lake views.

If you like wine, you can stop at the Mount Dora Winery. This local winery serves a variety of wines and craft brews. The tasting room serves wine by the glass or bottle, and is also host to live music and karaoke nights. There is also a restaurant and lounge, which are popular with locals and tourists.

You can also visit the Modernism Museum, one of the most popular Mount Dora attractions. This museum features large displays, unique collections, and artful pieces of furniture. The museum also has several rooms that you can visit to learn about the exhibits. It is a great place for art lovers and interior designers.

Another great spot for a romantic dinner is the Boardwalk in Palm Island Park. The boardwalk offers scenic views of Lake Dora and provides opportunities to see birds and gators. The 35-foot-high red and white lighthouse is another great attraction in Palm Island Park.

Medieval Times

Medieval Times in Dora is an indoor experience that takes you back to medieval times. The show lasts approximately two hours, and guests can purchase souvenirs such as pennants and illuminated flowers. There are also opportunities to take personal pictures with the performers. Medieval Times is located on 466 at the corner of Morse Blvd.

Dora’s life is a little known, but she was likely a princess in a European kingdom, but she died at a young age. She probably had an abusive mother who wouldn’t let her attend a costume ball, and she was most likely abused by her stepfather, Prince Aragon. Sam, a prince in the kingdom, also knew Dora in a previous life, and he confides in her about it.

Dora’s appearance is unusual, with sickly green skin and white hair. She wears a princess-style dress and an Amulet of Aragon. Her milky red eyes are characteristic of a princess. Her character is quite different from that of her brother, Sam. Initially, Dora is submissive to her brother, but soon learns that she is stronger than Aragon, which leads to her becoming more confident and independent.

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CatBoat Adventure Tours

CatBoat Adventure Tours in Dorsa will allow you to experience a unique kind of adventure on the water. You’ll be on a two-person powered catamaran for a tour of beautiful Lake Dora, the world-famous Dora Canal, and Lake Eustis.

You can take the tour in a cat boat or on a speed boat. You’ll be able to experience the tranquility of this waterway, and experience a unique way to see the city. You’ll see the sights and sounds that come with the canal, which was once known as the Elfin River. Moreover, you can spot some of the local wildlife like turtles, alligators, and cranes!

The tours at CatBoat Adventures take about two hours and require no experience. They provide life jackets and boat rentals. Guests can take the tours seven days a week. To make sure you can join a tour, call ahead. You can also make an appointment for a private tour or just take a general tour.

Several companies offer guided tours in a cat boat. CatBoat Adventure Tours charges $65 per person, including taxes and fees. They also offer guided tours at sunrise and sunset. Premier Boat Tours, based in Lakeside Inn, also offers pontoon boat tours daily. These tours last about two hours and cost $28 per person, while a one-hour sunset tour costs $18.

The cat boat also offers an excellent alternative to jet-skiing. You’ll be able to see the city from a completely different perspective. Plus, the boat includes a sun shade so you won’t get burned by the Florida sun.

Donnelly House

The Donnelly House is a historic home located in Mount Dora, Florida. It is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Located on Donnelly Avenue, the home was built in 1889. It was added to the National Register on April 4, 1975.

Donnelly was born in Pittsburgh in 1857 and later moved to Mount Dora where he married Annie McDonald Stone. The couple became prominent landowners in Mount Dora. Donnelly was also the founder of a yacht club and was the city’s first mayor. Donnelly died in 1930, leaving his home to prominent residents and a local Masonic Lodge.

The Donnelly House in Dora dates back to 1879, when a wealthy man from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, decided to move to Dora in order to escape the cold weather. His business interests included real estate and citrus. In 1881, he married a local woman, Annie McDonald Stone. She was a divorced mother who ran a boarding house. Her father’s business partner was John P. Donnelly’s boss.

The Donnelly House is one of Mount Dora’s most iconic buildings. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the city’s most photographed buildings. The Donnelly House also serves as the home of the local Masonic lodge, Mount Dora lodge #238 F & AM. Its first floor is available for private events.

The Donnelly House is located on Donnelly Avenue in Mount Dora, Florida. This historic landmark was constructed by J. P. Donnelly, the first mayor of Mount Dora. Today, it is used as a Masonic lodge.

Fine Art and Design Museum

If you love modern art and design, you might want to visit the Fine Art and Design Museum in Dora. The museum collects, displays and interprets innovative art from the past and present. Its collections include contemporary art, architecture, and industrial design. It also has a rotating exhibition program that changes monthly.

For those interested in modern art, the museum has an unparalleled collection. The museum has hosted several exhibitions by Wharton Esherick, known as the Dean of American Craftsmen and one of the most influential artists of Modernism and the American Studio Arts Movement. While it’s a small museum, it does showcase a wide variety of art from the past.

Dora’s artwork has won several awards and is included in several public and private collections. In addition to the Fine Art and Design Museum in Dora, her work is displayed at the Indiana University South Bend. It is also part of the Midwest Museum of American Art’s Permanent Collection. It’s also a part of the Indiana University South Bend Outdoor Sculpture Collection.