Healing oils are used to facilitate a feeling of well being and calming in body and mind. Medicines like aromatherapy use a variety of oils. Many of the essential oils are derived from plants that were originally cultivated for food or household purposes.

Essential oils are easily found at any medical supply store, pharmacy, and online stores. Before using an oil the following steps should be done so that there are no negative effects on the body.

Wash your hands thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel. It is important to use a non-perfumed soap to avoid an embarrassing smell in the bathroom. Place an equal amount of olive oil into a pan or bowl and bring it to a boil. Once the oil is boiling and the oil reaches a high temperature, reduce the heat to medium heat and let it simmer for about fifteen minutes.

Once the oil has cooled, add the essential oil to a container or bottle and add some ice cubes. The amount of ice you will use will depend on the strength of the oil. Use a measuring spoon to measure the ice into the container.

Dabs of the oil may need to be dabbed onto the affected area to soothe the swelling and pain. This may help if the inflammation is not quite as bad as you may think.

For more thorough healing and also more gentle healing, a simple method of healing has been around for ages. All that is needed is the application of wax, beeswax, cedarwood, rosewood, lavender, or eucalyptus oil. If a person is a smoker then they should try a non-narcotic, safe pain relieving oil such as camphor, clove, and peppermint.

To take off all the harmful compounds of the oil, extract the oil with an oil solvent. All the oils can be used in the bath to moisturize the skin and even keep out bacteria. Use a half teaspoon or even a tablespoon of the oil twice a day to enhance the skin’s ability to absorb the oil.

The best part of healing oils is that they do not have to take any form of basic herbal medicine. Some of the essential oils can cause some allergic reactions, however the essential oils used are all natural and safe. The results vary with every person and what may work for one person may not work for another.

It is very easy to find a product to be used for just about anything, including healing oils. You can find products at any large retailer. Many stores will carry these products in their store.

Healing oils come in many different forms. With the many forms available today there is no reason why you cannot purchase a product that works for you. When purchasing a product, it is important to choose an oil that is natural and safe.

Today there are many benefits to holistic care. Use all natural products for better health and relaxation.