Aromatherapy oils are the concentrated, non-volatile liquid constituents of various aromatic plants, and considered to be an important aspect of aromatherapy. They are used in aromatherapy for the purpose of enhancing or healing certain ailments, or for therapeutic purposes. These healing properties of aromatherapy oils have been found to be quite useful in various forms of therapy.


An essential oil is basically a prepared hydrophobic solution containing volatile organic compounds from plants. In aromatherapy oils like lavender, rose, and lemon just about any variety of flower has its own unique properties that can be used to freshen the air in your home. Essential oils are sometimes also called the spice of the herb, the oil of the herb from which it was extracted, or the oil of the plants from which it was harvested, including oil of jasmine. Essential oils work as analgesics, antiseptics, demulcent, stimulants, and depressants.

It has been found that aromatherapy uses pure essential oils blended together in such a way as to create a particular scent. These scents are not necessarily pleasant, and their pleasantness is usually determined by the degree of familiarity the scent has with the individual. Many flowers have been chosen from the garden and put into oils in order to create scented candles. These candles are very popular with people who wish to relax in their homes and enjoy the pleasant scent of flowers like roses and lilacs. The scented candle can actually be a very good substitute for lighting in one’s house during nights of heavy darkness, and it is also a good alternative to incense sticks.

There are many types of scented bath oils and lotions available in the market. One type is usually preferred by individuals who want to take a bath or have a lot of body massage. One of these oils is lavender essential oil, which is very soothing after a bath.

However, it should be noted that there is no scientific proof regarding the effects of aromatherapy on health. The benefits may be due to the relaxation achieved and calming effect of the oils and lotions. Some of the most general benefits of aromatherapy may include improvement of quality of sleep, reduction of anxiety and depression, enhancement of feelings of love, trust, and self-esteem, enhancement of one’s mood, and improvement of one’s digestive system.

Aromatherapy is widely used as a holistic form of medicine because it increases the immunity level of our body against common illnesses and disease and increases the overall health of our body. These benefits are obtained by massaging with aromatic oils such as rose, peppermint, lavender, lemon, jojoba, and geranium, which are usually present in aromatherapy products. These scents serve as natural medicine that helps us deal with stress and other health problems. Although tea tree oil is considered as an invasive species, which is harmful to birds and the environment, it can be used with precaution because it contains antifungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties.

Aromatherapy can be performed at home or in a spa setting. In order to increase the benefits of your sessions, you should start with pure essential oils that are free from synthetic chemicals and preservatives. You may purchase your own aromatherapy oils online or in specialty stores. You should choose a base scent or fragrance, then choose quality bases and fragrances such as rose, jasmine, grapefruit, peach, and lavender. After you have chosen the base, choose quality carrier oils such as olive, sweet almond, coconut, grapeseed, jojoba, olive, sweet almond, grapeseed, emu oil, and vegetable oil. Lastly, select quality oils such as marjoram, basil, cedarwood, frankincense, Myrtle, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and more.

For many people, aromatherapy sessions last from ten to fifteen minutes. If you want to maximize your benefits, you can perform aromatherapy treatments twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. To begin your day, simply mix one drop of jojoba oil with ten drops of pure essential oil. Apply the mixture all over your body, starting from your head and working your way down to your feet. For nighttime therapy, mix one drop of jojoba oil with one drop of rosewater, lavender, coconut, ylang-ylang, and coconut. You can also add drops of rose water, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond essence, and more.