How much curing salt per pound of meat you buy. There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding on a specific salt solution, so dont be afraid to ask.

The first factor to consider when using the supplies of Salt Worldwide and other providers in your area is how much you want to apply. The applications vary but you can find salt solutions as high as 250 milligrams for beef or pork, as low as 35 milligrams for poultry, pork and fish.

You will need to decide what the extra bit of extra salt will do for you. Many people choose to use it on top of the salt they use in their curing process.

Another factor to consider when choosing a supplier of Salt Worldwide and other suppliers in your area is that many of the salts available come in blends. These can mean extra savings in price, but if you are planning on making up the mixes yourself, you will need to keep in mind that some salts are better for different types of meats than others.

Those mixed salts, if you are making your own mixes, should be chosen based on how much salt you plan to apply to the meat before cooking it. Some of the salts will need more salt than others and some will need less.

A majority of Salt Worldwide suppliers offer options, allowing you to mix and match your preferred mixes to suit your needs. The best part about mixing your own recipes, unlike with some retailers, is that you dont have to worry about additives or preservatives, making it safer to use in the curing process.

It is important to note that many suppliers, especially the Internet, offer mix products from Salt Worldwide for purchase. These mixes are usually one per pound of meat, with many offering the option of only one serving per package.

There are many methods available to choose from when using Salt Worldwide to cure your meat. You can apply the cures at the beginning of the curing process, let them set overnight, apply them again and then vacuum seal the resulting product.

You can also choose to use the cures at the end of the curing process, depending on how many hours you want the process to take. Some of the popular uses for the salts include:

If you are looking for a cure for the slow-cooked parts of the meat or for searing, consider applying Salt Worldwide during the curing process. This method will provide those beautiful brown spots and will maintain that color for a longer period of time.

You can often find a provider offering Salt Worldwide and other brands in your area at a discount when you order online. Whether you decide to use it in the normal way or with other ingredients, you can rest assured that your meats will have a lot of flavor and taste after the process is completed.