Young Living oils are manufactured from plant extracts, and are available online at their website. The business was started in 1993 by Donald Gary, a controversial figure in the alternative medicine community. He had been convicted of practicing medicine without the proper credentials in his home state of Arkansas.

Young Living uses a variety of plant oils, which are not available elsewhere. They include essential oils from roses, geraniums, lavender, jasmine, lemon, tea tree and eucalyptus. They have also added an extra ingredient called “biotin” to improve skin tone and texture. It is said that this will help eliminate any stretch marks left by pregnancy. The business is based solely on the fact that they know where the plant oil is grown.

This is not only a very safe and effective method for selling essential oil, but it also keeps them out of the reach of any FDA regulations. The oils are completely organic and are free from synthetic fillers, preservatives or additives. Many people believe the products to be highly effective and have even written books about how to use them.

While I was able to test a few of the products and write an article about them, I can not give any endorsements. I used one product for a short time to check it out, but my research was inconclusive.

I found that these oils contain a variety of vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin E, which is the primary ingredient. The oils are free of mineral oils, synthetic dyes, lanolin and other harmful compounds. They are also very affordable, which may be appealing to people who are looking for a good value.

I would say that these oils have been proven safe for some, but I cannot say that they are suitable for everyone. It depends upon the individual.

There have been several reports of allergic reactions to these products, and many customers have stated that the oils actually caused them to feel sick. This is a valid concern, since there is no way to tell if the oils are causing this reaction. unless the person is willing to ask their doctor about their allergies.

Another report I read about these products was that some people were allergic to the waxes used to make them. This was also a concern of mine. However, they have removed the waxes, but they are using a lotion to seal them in. This can be a problem with some products, so I would be cautious.

Many of these oils have a pleasant aroma to them, but the majority of the aroma is actually the fragrance that they have added. You may find that some of the oils smell better than others, depending upon the kind of plant. In general, most of them smell like cedar, peppermint, and eucalyptus, but there are some which have a fresh earthy smell to them.

I have had some experience with essential oils before and have mixed them with essential oils to create my own aromatherapy products. I have mixed lavender and jasmine oil with lavender, as well as using the essential oils which I mix with lemon essential oil. with a few drops of rose water. to create a scent similar to rose petals.

There have been times when I have used rose, chamomile, Rosemary, lemon verbena, thyme, clary sage, lavender and rose hips as essential oils with the oils of Rosemary and mint. and mixed them with orange and lime.

Another alternative method of using these oils that I have used is to apply a drop or two of the essential oil on a cotton ball and massage it into my hair and scalp before bedtime, then wash it out the following morning. It is amazing how much of the oil will stay behind.

Young Living oils have a solid reputation for using all natural ingredients. They have received many awards for the way they treat their customers and do not put anything that could be harmful into their products. Their products have a fresh, clean fragrance, which is soothing and relaxing. They do not contain synthetic fillers, preservatives, or dangerous chemicals.